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News from Chinese Blogosphere

Categories: East Asia, China

1. Blog Auction:A T-shirt that was signed by participants of CnBloggerCon [1] was auctioned on the official blog [2](in ZH). The revenue would contribute to two online charity projects: Simling Library [3] and 1KG [4]. Blggers can post on their blog then use trackback [5] to offer price. The price rose from 20 to about 700 overnight. Also the ppt files of speeches in CnBloggerCon are available online [6].

2. Collaborative Blogging: ESWN [7], Anti's English Blog [8] (in ZH)and Simon World [9] are asking for co-authors and guest bloggers. As Roland of ESWN said, they are inviting “like-minded” guest. All of them are focusing on China-related topics.

3. Olympic Mascots: Mascots for 2008 Beijing Olympics [10] are released consisting of a set of 5 mascots called “The Five Friendlies [11]“. Many arguments have been made as to whether they were appropriate. There are also some variants on the internet.

4. BBC Interview: BBC interviewed with some bloggers including Wangjianshuo via phone. He posted his experiences [12] in dealing with foreign media. However many bloggers felt very unhappy [13] about it because he said he was bored with the censorship issue that is certainly the major agenda of BBC correspondents.

5: Brief History of Chinese Blog: Sayonly began to pack up some details and write a series of post reviewing the history of Chinese Blogs [14](in ZH), including how the blogosphere evolved since it was introduced in 2002.

6: WSIS: Issac Mao [15] attended the WSIS [16] panel. As Ethan Zuckerman posted [17], he believe “free thinking is more important than free speech right now “. Rebecca Mackinnon, who was also on this panel, divided Chinese blogosphere [18] into several categories based on her observation visiting China.

7: Forum on the China Internet Media: The fifth Forum on the China Internet Media has ended in Hangzhou. Officials and professionals singed a proposal calling on China-based news websites to contribute toward establishing a harmonious society, as China Digital Times reported [19]. The term “harmonious society” [20] was the most frequent word used in Chinese official press thsi year.

8. 4.5 million blogs: Fons Tuinstra pointed to a survey [21] which estimated that there are 4.5 million regularly maintained blogs.