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Pakistan: Blog-o-motion

Categories: South Asia, Pakistan

I apologize for not having posted last week but my trusted Vespa scooter ran out of fuel before I could hit the internet highway and bring you my standard assortment of latest Pakistani blog posts. Needless to say, I was rather upset at my predicament of not being able to enter cyberspace for a routine perusal of my favourite blogging hotspots.

In my calamitous condition (suffering from acute net withdrawal symptoms), I was forced to find an alternate source for my daily dose of international news. I hate to admit it dear readers, but I ended up watching Fox News on cable. The experience as a whole was not as bad I thought it would be. I felt my IQ only dropped by a few points during my viewing excursion of Fox so it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Apart from Comedy Central this channel is the funniest thing on cable these days and is definitely worth a watch for its news analysis based on the esteemed techniques of Rocko School of Journalism and AC Repair. But I digress…

Onwards with my recommendations for this week: Teeth Maestro remarks on the recent Karachi bombings [1]; Suspect Paki posts his comments on the Bird Flu scare [2]; Windmills writes an impeccable post on the subject of abortion [3]; Fountainhead returns after many weeks with a must-read article on Dick Cheney [4]; Meandering keeps us updated on the latest on the needs of Pakistan earthquake victims [5]; Lightwithin enlightens us with a post on a forgotten Punjabi Town [6]; Road Less Traveled writes about her initial Canadian experience [7]; Journey presents an alternate point of view on the topic of Iran and Israel [8]; and finally, I (The Olive Ream) present a Blogger's Soliloquy [9]

I better sign off now, Bill O'Reilly will be on Fox News soon and I need a good laugh ….

cheers all.