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Iranian Blogs: Association of Moslem Bloggers, 20 million dollary Revloutionary Guard and Solidarity with Feminist Tribune

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A new association for Iranian bloggers came into existence: Association of Moslem Bloggers [1] ( Link in Persian).
Before this new association, a few other ones have become active such as Penlog [2] which tries to protect freedom of expression and has about 200 members.
But what is the goal of this new association? According to Pasdar [1]( means guard ) link in Persian, a blogger who presents himself as somebody in love with revolutionary guards [3], this association is an answer to secular bloggers & blogs. All members of association must be faithful Moslems to Islamic Republic and Iranian theocracy. One thing is clear that some bloggers try to organize themselves in groups based on their ideology. Pasdar says:

“We consider country as ours and we are proud of it.”

Many bloggers talked about Ahmadinejad’s [4] candidate for Ministry of oil. Mr. Mahsouli [5], a former revolutionary guard, declared his wealth is more than 20 million dollars. Paiz [6] link in Persian, a Nederlands based blogger, says nobody in Iranian Parliament asked him how he got all this money in a real short period. FMSokhan [7] link in Persian, an Iranian blogger and journalist, published photos of Mr.Mahsouli’s house and says look at satellite dishes on his roof. Whatever is forbidden for us it is permitted for some… After pressure of some deputies Ahmadinejad dropped his candidacy.

Several blogs appeared at 11 November in the name of Iranian Feminist Tribune [8] link in Persian which was filtered about one week ago. More than twenty blogs participated in this solidarity action such as Sarzamine aftab [9].