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EthiopiaL Geffrey Sachs

Categories: Sub-Saharan Africa, Ethiopia

Ethiopian blogger Wonkette of Weichegud!Et Politics returns to her/his childhood days in Addis Ababa where his neighbours were expat Brits working for an NGO. s/he made friends with the daughter and everything was great until one summer when her cousin came to visit. Things went pear shaped when the cousin began complaining about the beggers in Addis and went from bad to worse ending with the words “Oy!” she shrieked at me. “My father is here helping your stinking, starving country. You should be grateful.” [1] End of said friendship. And so on to Professor Sachs and his unhealthy relationship with prime minister Meles which goes as far as to accuse critics of being “tribalistic”. “Many of the attacks on the current government reflect revanchist sentiments from an earlier era of Imperial domination of a former elite”…..”One commentor on the last blog hit the nail square on the head: Liberals do jerk off to anyone who fits their perception of the ‘underdog “.