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Egyptian Parliamentary Elections

Categories: Middle East & North Africa, Egypt

Few, besides the ones that were already content with the Egyptian status quo or the Muslim Brotherhood [1], are happy with the outcome of yesterday’s elections. Big Pharaoh [2] considers immigrating, sentiment that Sandmonkey [3]reports is being echoed in the country (except from one of his friends that concludes that “Islam is the solution”.)

Perhaps the biggest upset is Ayman Nour’s [4] (the main opponent in last September’s Presidential elections and leader of Al Ghad [5] party) loss to yet another NDP candidate.

Jeramy of Arabia [6] tells of his experience monitoring the elections. Zeinobia [7] also has a cynical perspective.

Movements and attempts to reduce the ruling parties influence like Itharak [8], The Save Egypt Front [9], and a banner depicting an X through both a crescent and camel logo (the ruling parties logo’s) with the caption “your voice for opposition” (picture at top) apparently did little to influence the vote in this first round.

For Arabic posts concerning the elections visit Ramy [10]and Digressing [11].