Egypt: Cartoons Causes Egypt-Denmark Crisis

Ritzy says, Egypt is closing its dialogue with Denmark on Human Rights and discrimination because of a dispute over cartoons portraying the Prophet Mohamed that was published by a newspaper last month. The diplomatic snub comes after the Danish prime minister refused to meet Egypt’s ambassador, along with ten other ambassadors from Muslim states.


  • Farah

    If such a cartoon was really published then the Danish prime minister does owe the islamic nation an apology. As a Moslem i find it extremely offensive because it goes against our religion.This is ABC of human rights, to respect religious beliefs of others and by making a cartoon portraying prophet Mohamed (Peace be on his soul)that is total disrespect. What is more provocative is refusing to meet with the moslem ambassadors who went to meet him !! This is so child like.

  • Gurli Magrethe MarieTeresa Fransen

    Talking abaut human rights hueeee?

  • test

    just a few points
    denmark is not a muslim country.
    we have a free and independed press NOT controld buy the govement.
    way should the danish PM meet ambasordos that what him to commet on what was polished in a newspaper?
    Is was not cartoons but newspapers ilustrations to a artikel about the self sensorship commmen alos now denmark because of radical muslish supresion also in denmark. eg. beeting up peaopel for reading the koran as non muslims.
    i do not understand way musslimes can demaned of a non muslim cuntry at we are not following you rool. in denmark we do drink bear also during the rammadan. is that also offecive? we also drink in the street?
    where thouse your demmaned to control our behaveour to you belive start and stop?

  • Karim

    Thanks for your few points, well you just talked about a free country and a free independant press but i think that when it comes to a clear obvious disrespect to a character that over 1.5 billion people consider the best in mankind,a great symbol their profet i think it’s abit different and the Prime minister do owe muslims an applogy…besides i guess it would be different if these cartoons were related to jews for example. So atleast the PM as elected by the people of Denmark should meet some of those who elected him and i think they have this right to express a certain feeing of disrespect and protest they have, besides i think muslim population in Denmark is considered very noticable and islam is the second largest religion in Denmark so don’t you think if muslims considered this event a kind of disrespect they atleast got the right to complain and someone must here their complaining??? try to think deeper about ordinary people not the kind of symbols you always see carrying a machine gun and wearing a turban and exploding themselves try to get this idea about muslim away from your mind as these aren’t what muslims are.
    Concerning the fact that Denmark isn’t an islamic country and muslims can’t force their rules to be obeyed their I totally agree with u, yes u may drink bear and wine any where and at any time it’s ur choice and let me tell u that islam and profet Muhammad peace be upon him said that as a muslim I should respect the rules of the place I do belong to even if they are non-believers not only christians or jews but i should respect my islamic rules too…and I think no one is trying to force u not to drink bear in ramadan as a non-muslim.
    Infact What would you call a religion whose beliefs, practice followers and even it’s profet are being bashed and bad-mouthed in practically every sphere of activity, in almost every corner of the globe, yet it attracts ever-increasing numbers of people? yes it is the largest growing religion worldwide so i really think people should first read about islam,no it better before declaring war on it….

  • test

    dear Karim
    I have see what i need to see of Islam in Parkistan, Iran and Saudi Arabia.
    i do still not understand thise racisem displayed buy Islam to wards us non belivers. Non beliving dogs i thing is the term in the Koran.
    This is just the first ste´p.

  • a danish on

    Dear Karima

    Dos the Danish PM owe you an apology for what?

    That we are not Muslims?

    He did NOT Wright the articles. He did NOT draw the drawings.

    Demanding an apology from him is that same as demanding that he should sensor the free press in demark.

    What you simple need us to do is to bow for the all mighty Muslims. As you say, 1, 5 billion against 5 million.

    That’s a good one. We should apologies because you are more then we.

    Its seam more and more to me that we are frighten with good reason.

    PS.: I have seen what I need of Islam in Pakistan, Saudi Arabian and Iran.

    PPS: just think what you would call it if we declared Copenhagen a holy city and closed for all non Muslims. Racism is invented buy Muslims.

  • Hello everybody. Thanks for engaging. I just wanted to let everybody know that several comments posted recently were not approved because we considered them “hate speech.”

    I’d like to remind people here that if you want to convince anybody of your point of view, or get people to believe that your argument is reasonable, name-calling is generally not useful. In fact it tends to have the opposite effect.

    In my personal experience, no particular group or religion has a monopoly on racism – racism is distributed pretty broadly.

  • MirrorCrax

    I’d have to say i was shocked at hearing of the publishing of such cartoons, not because i believe that all nations of the world should follow what islam dictates, but more of respect the beliefs of other people especially when there is so much controversial opinions flying all around with no solid background, it’s very easy to hate, it’s so easy to pick-out the one detail in anything in the world and release all your feelings of oppression unto it, but it’s another thing if the highest ruling power of the world (the media) begins to publicly and openly disrespect the beliefs of others, especially that a lot of the published cartoons are read by muslims as well! Freedom of speech is one thing, but what happened to “your freedom ends where the next one’s freedom begins” and part of balancing such boundaries is respecting them! don’t look at the situation thinking hey! that’s our right to voice out our opinions! because it’s not your right to selectively choose your most offensive ideas and publicly displaying it to all! How would christians feel if the press publicly held competitions on humiliating Jesus Christ?! and how would jews feel if the german press publicly held a competition that involved mocking the jews’ obssessions over the holocaust?!!!!! ………….. Fairness is the Essence of freedom! not all of us are perfect, and even if we were it’s not up to us to judge each other……….

  • Moahmed El-Shareef

    to whome it may concern:

    I would like to register to you that what has been published recently in your media about the profit Mohamed (peace be upon him) is outrages and is not acceptable at all. This is the same feeling as the feelings of many millions of Muslims in the world who were completely upset about what they have seen and heard about this incident. This is the first time ever that we see some stupid non civilized individuals who try to be funny and insult such person who brought light to this earth.

    Mohamed (peace be upon him) is the messenger of god similar to Jesses (peace be upon him). If you do not want to believe in Islam (Peace) – Mohamed’s message; it is up to you but you are not allowed to insult the profit in any sense.

    We love Mohamed (peace is upon him) more than our fathers and mothers and we will do more than what you expect -peacefully to show you that we are civilized people more than anybody else- to save his integrity and personality form any stupid person who tries to manipulate.

    I know that who published and you agree with me that these stupid ideas are from minorities in your country, therefore I believe that you have the power as majority to stop them and put them on the right track again and teach them how to respect other people’s cultures and religions.

    For your review…

    Thank You


    Mohamed El-Shareef

  • a danish on

    we in denmark have not been attacing any on. the bad drawing pick a soft like that have been made buy the danish muslims to mave bigger atention on thise case. i have personaly seen the dokumentation for this.
    the drawings from the news paper on the supject of the press freedom in europa are only offending from the point of wiev that we are not msulims and are alowed to make picture of mohammed.

    I blive the muslim world should stop this atach.

    my i sugest that the articel is read and the real pictues and all of them are look on not the pictures distrubutet buy the danish muslims as they have never apereded in any news paper in denmark apart from a internet edition for BT where you can find the complet dokumentation on this campain againg denmark

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