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The Poetic Side of the Cambodian Blogosphere

Categories: Cambodia, Citizen Media

Poem in Cambodian language by Seserak

Several Cambodian bloggers have been sharing their poetry online. The poem above, entitled Autumn in English, is by Seserak [1], a Cambodian college student studying in Japan and probably experiencing quite a different fall than in his homeland. The poem is translated into English in the comments [2].

Tharum posted a poem entitled, Life Reading [3] and is about the importance of reading. Tharum's poem was inspired by a gift of a poetry book from another Cambodian blogger, Jinja [4] who blogs about the local arts and literary scene [5].

, a Cambodian living in Texas, often writes about the poetry he is reading by Cambodian poets, some published in online journals [6]. His packing list for his next trip back to Cambodia, includes requests for poetry books from friends and relatives.

Those who aren't writing poems or about poems on their blogs can certainly find a wide variety of Cambodian poetry readings offline, including Swedish/Cambodian poetry [7].