Ethiopia: Riot police attack civilians

Friends of Ethiopia reports on the clashes between riot police and supporters of the opposition party in Addis Ababa, on Tuesday. The clashes started after police arrested and revoked the licenses of 30 taxi drivers who participated in demonstrations against the government and claimed the elections were rigged. The police killed at least 5 people and many were wounded.


  • Abebe

    This not the first time for Meles government to kill and wound civilian people’s.Every time when it comes a question about democracy He(Meles) would like to solve it by GUN.That is how get his power!

  • […] Friends of Ethiopia, based in New York, has an useful roundup of news stories on the recent violence. And Global Voices’ Ethiopia page provides some background on recent conversations in the Ethiopian blogosphere. […]

  • yes,Meles is the crulest leader in the world,he wants to rule the country by his army force,he is not supos to be the leder of Ethiopians he is stupid mad man.We ethiopians do not want to be lead by him.

  • geja

    I pray to God to give the peace, and remove the evil “Meles” from the country where there should be a leader who involves the Ethiopians and leads the Ethiopia that we all Ethiopians want to govern the country.

    Meles have been killing innocent human beings – Women, young, and elders who have no means of defending themselves and the world knows about the situation. All the Ethiopians who are going on the street to protest have never been carrying any weapon to offend anyone but they want to spread their voice democratically. The Evil Meles thinks that he is still a guerilla fighter in the jungle, but I want the devil to remember that there is no need of shooting at innocent people.

    May God be with us and our country!!!

  • how can i express my feeling.
    there are many pepole were killed and wonded in addis street.this lead
    us to sturggle this stupid government.

  • Eyasu

    H/selassie used to divide and ruled moderatly. Mengistu did divided too. The worst was the Fasist Italian adminstration during the 5 yrs.invention,,, but, more that everyone els, this government divided the people in a way that a brother could kill his own brother. he has been using more than the fasist Italian”Musolin”. Meles doesn’t even realize that all Africans are brothers.let alone, Ethiopia. I don’t expect any more peace from this rotten Government any more.

  • selam

    How the wes claim to have a democracy while waching inocent people gundown in Ethiopia and elseware. actualy the west, specialy the US and UK are the main supporter of tyrant, muderer meles chenawee. They shuld take equal responsibility for the inosent blood speeled in Addis Ababa and elswher in ethiopia. The west crys faul when one man dies in Lebanen, what did the west saied in ucrain election and in

  • Metasebia

    I have no words to explain the fury that I’m feeling. I definitely think that Meles has lost his mind. He’s officially a mad man. There’s no other explanation for the horrors that he’s committing. And now he wants to charge the opposition leaders and journalists with treason and they might get the death penalty. The world has to see this for what it is. To scare the Ethiopian people into slavery. If the US, Britian and others stand by and let this happen, shame on them. They’re no better than him

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