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Pakistan: Blog-o-rants

Categories: South Asia, Pakistan, Citizen Media

I bring you this post while suffering from acute influenza and excessive body temperature. Yes, I am talking about a cold and fever. Although, I had received sick leave permission slip form the GV Editorial staff (Neha, thank you!) for my scheduled post on Friday, my insufferable and contemptible flu did not allow me to get any sleep, and thus, I hit the internet highway on my trusted Vespa Scooter to bring you a short round-up of Pakistani blogs for your viewing pleasure.

The following is a varied collection of blogs, which I happen to sneeze and cough at during my cyber outing, presented to you in no discernable order. Most of these blog entries focus on the topic of the Pakistan earthquake (understandably), as that remains the most relevant subject matter. But there are some entries with other topics that I have included (as a light sprinkling) to bring some added flavour to the mix.

I theocracy wonders about the safety of Karachi city [1]in an earthquake scenario; Falling Down details a very interesting discussion between a Professor and a student [2]; Minigma highlights a very important eyewitness account from Muzafarabad [3]; Opinionated Voice rants under the heading of Islamic Jihad [4]; FM asks the question, “how much is your blog worth? [5]”; Rambling On has a rather short and eloquent post regarding the generosity of the people of city of Karachi [6]; The Organic Brew writes about his favourite Qawalli [7]; Jammie’s Jar seconds Rambling On’s opinion about the people of Karachi [8]; Glass House examines the performance of the Pakistani Government [9]; and finally, Unaiza also beautifully expounds on the generosity of the people of Pakistan [10]at this difficult time.

As I have been sick as dog (which subsequently caused me to be sick ON the dog), I was unable to write for my own blog this week. I do however want to highlight an old post of mine (from my ‘best of’ collection) that explains the hows and the whys of why I started blogging [11]. I think you might find it interesting.

I better sign off now before the anti-virus software causes my flu-riddled body to be expelled from cyber space. Until later …