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India: Bomb Blasts In Delhi

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On the weekend before the biggest festivals in India – Deepawali [1] and Eid [2]; bomb blasts have been reported [3] in the city of New Delhi. The bomb blasts were in some of the most crowded shopping areas. River's Blue Elephants who was at one of the sites just minutes before the explosion [4] says

We bought stuff for ourselves, gifts for people, had lunch there and left just minutes before an explosion killed twenty people on the spot and injured many more. I don't know what to think.

Sepia Mutiny has some photographs of blasts [5], and links to Main Stream Media news. Peter has information on helplines and the hospitals [6] were the injured have been taken. An Indonesian student in Delhi writes [7]-

One staff whose home near the blast took place said that he's heard a very strong voices which he thought of a firework [considering Diwali celebration that is the fireworks party, just two days away]

Conspiracy theory [8], shock [9] and a chronology of blasts [10] in Delhi. DesiPundit is covering reactions [11] by Indian blogs and bloggers. It's an extremely sad turn of events. Our prayers for those who are affected by this act of terrorism. We'll have more here as the events unfold.