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Cambodian Blogger Little Sopha Learns How To Rock

Categories: East Asia, Cambodia

Me_n_him [1]

Blogger Little Sopha [2] with member of Michael Learns To Rock Band, in Russian Market, in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

According Tharum the news [3] that the touring schedule of a Danish rock band named Michael Learns To Rock [4], included a date in Phnom Penh, inspired "a wave of euphoria of younger generation of the country."    According to the article Tharum [5] excerpted from Phnom Penh Post, Michael Learns to Rock's most famous single, "Take Me To Your Heart [6]," was a hit in Cambodia, spawning a locally-produced Khmer language version. (Here's a music video of the Korean [7] version – and here's a link to the Cambodian language version [8]

Little Sopha [9] a Cambodian blogger, posted her wish for winning tickets in the SME lottery and lamented that she like 8 million other Cambodian fans would watch the concert on television (CTN – Cambodian Television Network).  However, Sopha was lucky enough to get the above photo:

"In the afternoon one of the group members and a friend of his made a quick visit to Russian Market, and that is where a miraculous event occurred. My cousin gave me a call telling about their unexpected presence, I then also had a wonderful chance to have photos with them… It was just so nice,  I really can't describe how happy I was at that moment… Hmmm, if only had the three of them been there together… :D … Well, still it was just like a WONDERFUL DREAM COMES TRUE!"