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Burundi: Agathon Rwasa

Agathon Rwasa - the blog set up to highlight the atrocities committed by Burundi rebel group, the FNL and to ensure their leader Agathon Rwasa is brought to justice – reports that even Rwandan genocidaires the FDLR (Democratic Forces for Rwanda Liberation) are denying collaborating with the FNL to destablise the Kigali (Rwanda) and Bujumbura (Burundi) regimes.

“Too nasty even for the butchers of 1994? The FDLR, a Congo-based group made up of remnants of the forces which carried out the Rwandan genocide, have been eager deny reports of links with Rwasa's FNL.”


  • Voice

    Let’s face the reality,
    Evil does not depend on wether one is a Hutu, Tutsi or Twa,from North, South, East or West, no matter thier name,wether Rwasa or any other, evil is EVIL! Call it by its name.
    Burundians are tired of all these lies behind which selfish intentions are vehiculed.
    When Tutsi ruled, some Hutu thought they’d be better when thier ‘Brothers’ get to the power, well, I hope that those who have eyes to see are now being desillusioned.
    When will we start treating and evil man/woman as such and give the men and women of integrity the place they deserve? Rwasa is wrong, Buyoya was wrong too, and many others are still wrong!! Why do we have to keep falling into the same trap generation after generation?
    If you believe that there are still real heros and wise men among us, let’s start fighting for the real change focussing on others, loving them as we love ourselves and standing for the truth.
    Please open your eyes and face it, now is the time for Burundians to arise and shine, if we all want,
    God bless Burundi

  • Murundi

    Dear Voice I really liked your views. But saying that Agathon is wrong isn’t total right but in one way he is wrong. Today we think as we do because some change has achieved.When some group of people gathered together and raised their voices Burundi turned to a good way, but I am affraid that things are turning back the 1990:s even worse.

    I’ve always said to my friends that the old politicians use their lies to defend their interest and young people has to pay the tribe. We are always the victims. I can assure you that there are some kids that have been told that such group of burundians is bad. I am telling you the truth I was born out of Burundi and I have been told that there are bad people from an ethnic group different from mine. I always kept that in my mind though I had never met one and face the reality.When I get back to Burundi I found that all that were lies. My best friends are those from that group. I come along with them without any problem. None is looking behind my back because of what I am. This is a time for us to face the reality and say no those politicians that are taking advantage of us. Stop listen to them, let’s make them listen to us. Don’t be affraid to tell a 50 years old man that he is wrong.

    If I had myself ability to talk to Rwasa I’d ask him what he is still fighting for and have a good conversation to him. Listen I am not judging him, he may have a reason why he is doing what he is doing. We have to admit that we have differant opinions about things. The better we can do is to be soft to each other. With soft to each other I mean that, we may all stand on differant positions, to be soft to each other means that we try to make an equilibrium so that we are all satisfied.

    I believe that once we’ve done that we will live together and work together as we used to be. Please don’t push away your friend because he is in another politic party than yours. Sit together and interchange the ideas. Two heads are better than one.

    I may be a little bit talkative, let’s come back to Agathon Rwasa. He is a Burundian as you and me. He represant thousands of Burundians. He has something to give to the nation. He may abuse his position, but the best way to help him get to the good point isn’t by calling him names, insulting him or call him names. Do we really understand what he want, have we tried to listen to him?
    Burundi is like a cake to be shared by all Burundians. Believe me everyone is fighting to get the cake. None of them want to share the cake. That’s bad. A typical example is that when Nkurunziza took the lead he wanted to eat that cake alone by pushing Radjabu into prison where he is eating shit, does Radjabu worth prison’s shit? I guess not. When Nkurunziza pushed away his companion of battle, will make it easy for Agathon to get a bit of the cake?
    All of those Burundi leaders, they have to learn from the mistakes of their foregoing leaders…peace to you all

  • Voice

    Dear Murundi, (and others)Thanks for your comments. I agree with you on most of the points, but I still beleive that Agathon is wrong. He is wrong when his actions are causing children and other inocent people to die and experience injustice. No matter his reasons, he is sowing seeds of hatred that will take so much blood shade before they are removed.
    Nevertheless, I would be more than happy to listen to him, something I actually do, when I have a chance, (but one can never be sure whether what is said on radio/TV is from deep down his heart), I would like to know his real phylosophy and try understand where he is coming from, and I am convinced he has alot to contribute to the country since he has an unegligeable number of followers, most of whom are our fellow Burundians.
    I wish he could realise that he is causing thousands of Burundian children to be physically and psychologically wounded. These will turn up to be violent citizens who will have to revenge no matter what and the cycle will go on and on. If his actions are justified by his past as lebeb suggested, will these kids be justified too? And, how long will this go on?
    Real peace comes from the heart, then it can be shared with the family and the neighbours then to the whole nation. It is never imposed. How can a man without peace, bring peace to others?
    The country needs people like you,who have descovered that it was all lies about ethnical goodness and wickedness,to stand and share the love and truth they have in them.
    A man from the Intensive Care Unit needs to be rehabilitated first before he can give his contribution to the comunity. Get me well, I am not insulting anyone here, I am just saying, we should not look up to people still recovering from thier wounds for leadership. We should help them recover from any hurt they have been through, then, once they are restaured to the capacities they were created to have, then we can receive from them all the contribution they can give that we so much need.
    God bless you, and bless Burundi

  • Mutwa

    Dear Burundians I am saying hello to everyone.
    These days information are being given from the mediator in conflict in Burundi that Rwasa Agathon has only 800 combatants left behind him and that 2700 have resigned.When Mp’s asked Burundi defense minister about the combatants that said to be abandoned their position to join the peace camp he answered as a man of honor that all the people that are in Randa are all not the FNL dissidents. That proved once again the position of the mediator Charles Nqakula in that conflict. Has he made his own rebellion in Burundi? What makes him give such false information? What does he know about the dissidence within FNL? These questions are questions that need answers as quick as possible.

    Myself I don’t understand how he can know the exact number of FNL that are left behind Agathon Rwasa. It takes fool to not understand that Nqakula is not behind the dissidence within FNL.He said himself that the time to disarm the combatants has came that shows that he is trying to ignore Agathon Rwasa. Do you really think that Agathon will accept to sit and listen to Nqakula now? We all need a lasting peace no time for war.We want to build our country and show to the world that we can use our hands and intelligence to build our own country without needing international support. To achieve all that, we have to start now. I think this conflict between the government and FNL is for us Burundians to show that we are mature enough. Burundi has wise persons that can help the government and the FNL to resume their talks. That’s why I should suggest that Nqakula should be replaced by another person and that person must be a wise Burundian. I know that there are plenty of them in both ethnicities. We thank for what South African mediation has done for us , but it has to remember that it helped as a mediator not as Burundians. Today in everything that happens in Burundi in one way or another the South Africa es involved, remember the time Ndayizeye and Kadege were jailed South Africa was involved, the schism within FNL the South is involved. Please South Africa step out. We wanted you to help us to build a country not to destroy it. We were blind that time but now we know the truth. That shows that we are an intelligent people we have learned from our mistakes.

  • Kayandakazi

    Dear all,
    I am pleased to see so many concerned compatriots out there. Here is my 2 cents rather than waste our time in the blame game, let’s be creative, start schools (kutiga biragatsindwa!), start businesses and create jobs. This way you would feed the body, the hearts, and the mind. The tiny ruling minority will fail in their goals to make the population hate each other in the name of ethnic group or region of origin.

    We all have suffered tremendously due to this war. My father was killed by Tutsi military and my brother was killed by Hutus at different times. Let’s think productively, help the survivors and stop the cycle of killings, please. It is easy to trick people who are uneducated, it is easy to make a hungry person angry and it also easy to derail a person who does not have a sense of direction. Are YOU ready to help your fellow Burundians? Don’t wait until you’re rich. The fact that you’re participating in this conversation tells me that you can do it. I’m going for schools, you go for business, with God on our side, together we can do it.

    All mu unity,


  • Mutwa

    Dear Kayandakazi I really like your say about our problem. I wish 50% of all Burundians thinks the way you do unfortunately it doesn’t. Today it’s very easy to tell people lies and they will believe you.It’s sad to see that Burundians believe anything a politician has to say without reconsidering what he said.

    A big part of Burundians are uneducated and they have always seen educated people as their roll model. Today access to education is very difficult even if the president of Burundi made schools free from fees. It doesn’t help much.What the president did was good in the eyes of Burundians but as a person who can meditate I find it nonsense. He only wanted to make himself popular. Which children will go to school with an empty stomach? He made the school free and raise prices on all merchandises.

    If you think that you like your country try to make jobs, be creative and find what can bring economy to the country then we will have an everlasting peace and prosperity.

    Today I have never heard someone ready to do that.They are all hungry. I heard on Isanganiro the speaker of NKURUNZIZA saying that Agathon Rwasa doesn’t want to call NKURUNZIZA so that they can discuss their issues. That’s ridiculous,, Negotiation on phone OMG! That’s a joke right,, Ok let’s say that Agathon didn’t call him for some reason, has Peter asked why? why couldn’t he sand him a letter. The problem between these two isn’t a problem to be discussed on the phone…The question is can these two make a reliable agreement on the phone?

  • biff mctavish

    The Tutsi minority ruled the Hutus with an iron fist. The committed to control the Hutus by denying them education. The Hutus were in essence slaves to the Tutsi. They were beaten, humiliated, discriminated and forced to work on Tutsi masters farms and work building roads. What would anyone expect from an uneducated peoples? This issue is not resolved.

    To Kayandakazi, I’m sorry for your loss. Unfortunately, the western governments are no friend to Rwanda.

  • Voice

    I cannot believe there are still comments like biff’s in the world. Especially following so many constructive ones!
    It seems some people for a reason I still fail to undestand, whether it is a hidden agenda, or other interests they are defending, I do not know, but these people are determined to stop Burundians from moving ahead.
    We are now talking about a country independant from Rwanda, ruled by a respectable Hutu president. This country faces acute poverty and many other crimes and corruptions going on. Today, hundred of thousands of Burundian children are going to sleep hungry and may be even face death tomorow. A 3years girl is facing the danger of being raped, a father of six could be sucked tomorrow because he refuses to be corrupted.
    When will evil voices be ashamed enough to stop dividing our nation to achieve some selfish and shamefull short-term objectives?

    Dear Burundian, wherever you are today, if you really love your country, stand up against evil in all its form errespective of what tribe, ethnic or region background.
    Raise your voice against lies and manipultions that have poisoned our country for generations. Build schools for all children, teach them to love one another. start business for everybody, teach us to work together.
    Believe me, one day the whole truth will be known. and it will be a big surprise to many. That day, all will be known. But it might be too late for the Burundian children dying now, let’s save them! Please

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