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Agathon Rwasa - the blog set up to highlight the atrocities committed by Burundi rebel group, the FNL and to ensure their leader Agathon Rwasa is brought to justice – reports that even Rwandan genocidaires the FDLR (Democratic Forces for Rwanda Liberation) are denying collaborating with the FNL to destablise the Kigali (Rwanda) and Bujumbura (Burundi) regimes.

“Too nasty even for the butchers of 1994? The FDLR, a Congo-based group made up of remnants of the forces which carried out the Rwandan genocide, have been eager deny reports of links with Rwasa's FNL.”


  • Dear author,
    Before you can even comment on Agathon Rwasa, you first of all need to learn about Burundi’s history through the eyes of a Burundian. If your history is based on the western media, I totally understand your bias. Mr Rwasa is a Burundian Hutu who has lived through the massacres of over 100,000 hutus in 1965 and 1969 by the tutsi military, the massacres of 720,000 hutus in 1972 at the hands of the tutsi military, the massacres of 1985 of 55,000 hutus under the leadership of tutsi military president Pierre Buyoya, the murder of first ‘Democratically Elected Hutu President’ Melchior Ndadaye who was murdered by the ruling tutsi party, then the military began killing hutus again, but this time, the hutus decided to take up arms against the military, and you, with your narrow minded western media influence mind, dare to stick your nose where it don’t belong! Why don’t you ask questions about bringing to justice those who killed Melchior Ndadaye, a democratically elected president, an african man who took power without violence. It’s about time us africans “think” when we read the western media; think for yourself african and don’t let the west write your history for you.

  • me

    Thanks for that comment, lebebs, but in exactly which way does any injustice, ever, excuse sticking a machete in a baby’s head just because that baby is a Tutsi?

    In exactly which way does the 1972 Burundi genocide against Hutu justify hacking a Tutsi child to pieces at Gatumba on August 13th 2004? Would the 1994 Rwandan genocide against Tutsi justify killing a Hutu child? I don’t think so – and I don’t think you think so either.

    153 people were shot, hacked and burned to death that day just because they were Tutsi. Half of that number were children. That’s what Agathon Rwasa is all about, lebebs. That’s who you’re defending. Feel good, does it?

    How DARE you pretend that you speak for Burundians? The vast majority of Burundians despise everything that Rwasa stands for. You don’t speak for anyone but yourself, your own naivety, and your overinflated sense of victimhood.

    Rwasa pretends that his enemy is some monolithic entity called “The Tutsis”. He’s a liar. He’s killed thousands of Hutus too, some of them children of fathers who were themselves killed in the genocide of 1972. How do you feel about that, lebebs?

    Rwasa claims to be avenging that genocide but he isn’t doing anything of the kind. He’s just killing a load more innocent people.

    Rwasa’s enemy isn’t “The Tutsis”, lebebs. Rwasa’s enemy is humanity, and he’s killed thousands of us. He’s killed Hutus, Tutsis and Twa. He’s killed Burundians, Rwandans, Congolese and many more besides. So don’t you dare tell us to keep our noses out.

  • me

    One more thing, Lebebs – seeing as you asked, let’s talk about Ndadaye’s murderers – Simbanduku, Bikumagu, Buyoya and the gang. What are YOU doing to see that these people get brought to justice?

    If Rwasa’s war was supposed to be avenging Ndadaye’s death, how come it was only poor, vulnerable Tutsis who had to pay the price – never the rich, powerful well-connected murderers who had actually carried out the crime? Maybe because Rwasa was too much of a coward to take on the real criminals?

    Buyoya was over in the US not so long ago, holding a nice comfortable visiting-lectureship. What did YOU do about that?

  • Que dite-vs à propos des propriétés privées tenus jusqu’à jour?
    A propos des réfugiés de 1972 et tant d’autres dont leurs propriét◙s sont confusquées sont pousés à rentrer?


    people in burundi many astrocities have been committed by diferent people .Why do you take RWASA as a major of all burundians problem?
    Maybe AGATHON has a psychologic sickness that depended to what he has been faced to during years and years.His parents and friends have been killed in different killings committed by the former government what he is trying to do is to make a stop on it.FNL asked the gvnt thousands of time to sit down and resolve the inequality of ethnies but nothing showed that they want to do that.The only exit was to take a gun and start fight.So get used to we won’t put down the weapon until the problem is resolved.

  • tilleul

    Dear le King, I don’t really get you. The president now is a Hutu, government is not Tutsi dominated any more. Which “inequality of ethnies” do you still want to talk about? And as far as I know did FNL-Rwasa refuse to talk to the Hutu government when they offered it, because FNL said they only want to negotiate with Tutsi people.

    How should the situation look like before you feel that “the problem is resolved”? What is your dream? I honestly want to understand you, please write to me.

    • Kabisi Django

      Dear friend,I aggree that our actual president is hutu,but you did not understanding what Le King said,before the hutu’s president been what was the big conflit in Burundi.Why do you forget how many hutu killed before,in 1965;1972,1993 and so on.What was the Rwasa’s request.”La table de negociation” between HUTU and TUTSI,what was the principal problem?The tuts refused every time because they knew what gonna b happen for them.

  • Peace

    I see a lot of hostilities in these discussions. I believe the great lakes region will continue to face turmoil as long as certain figures continue to be the one calling the shots. There is RWASA who appears to be the center of all this debates for the atrocities he has committed, there is BUYOYA who has killed the first elected President of Burundi, There is KAGAME who has killed more people than people who were killed during the genocide and there are the actual people who have committed the Genocide in Rwanda.

    One thing we have to keep in mind is that whoever controls the military in the great lakes region, RULES. Therefore, to alleviate all the tensions that seemed to shake that region, the best solution to fix all the problem in that region is to mix up the military with all the ethnicities and I guaranty you no one like RWASA, BUYOYA, Havyarimana, and KAGAME who have recklessly used their military forces to oppress and mistreat its people will have that power again.

    Furthermore, Burundi and Rwanda will need to integrate their military forces to assure security of everyone is protected. Also we need to make sure nations (all) are led by civilians and military forces are led by generals not vice versa or both.

  • I think Rwasa Agathon is not the only one who committed crimes in Burundi, the previous Tutsi regimes and even the current hutu’s one has committed various crimes. Let me explain to you one thing, the name Palipehutu-FNL,also is branded as hutu extremists,which is not true,regroup people who were subject to many atrocities since the 60’s era. The prefixe Hutu shouldn’t be an obstacle for everyone to participate in it. As you have to know, the Palipehutu is committed to true lasting of peace in Burundi. Thank

  • Dahlia

    Yeah Gahutu, I know you’re joking… the prefix “Hutu” in PALIPEHUTU shouldn’t deter anybody from joining uh?
    LOL really? That’s like saying that a Jew could have joined the Nazi party, a black person could enter the KKK or a freakin’ Christian Evangelist would pair up with Osama Bin Laden.
    Please man, let’s not lie to each other. Agathon Rwasa and his FNL rebel group started with one common enemy : the Tutsi. Pure and simple.
    However I agree that the previous Tutsi regimes committed atrocities and crimes against humanity. They should have been overthrown, especially if 85% of the population doesn’t want them there.
    But tell me, was it worth all the killings of innocent people? As “Me” stated, what did a poor Tutsi peasant who had never even used a modern toilet have anything to do with the murder of Ndadaye? Don’t even get me started with the Banyamulenge massacres….they women and children ( very terrifying people who oppressed the Hutu community uh?)
    Yes, others have committed crimes and should be held accountable for them. But Rwasa is still fighting even though his Hutu brothers in arms are in power now. What is he still fighting for?
    You say ” The Palipehutu is committed to true lasting of peace in Burundi”
    I say ,with all due respect, ” STFU !”…Look it up.

  • Murundi

    Dear friends… I see that you are all concerned about the Burundi and Burundians issue. We all see things in different angles. Some people are blaming Agathon for being the source of the trouble that Burundians are facing today. Many Burundians believed that they were going to see a kind of amelioration when a Hutu president accessed as the head of the state. But it didn’t help too much. Problems are still there.

    That’s explain why Agathon Rwasa is still fighting for the best of Burundians. If Rwasa stopped fight when a hutu president accessed to the power that could explain that Rwasa was a hater of Tutsi. He is still struggling for the justice and the well being of all Burundians.

    These days, it’s said that FNL is facing many intern schsims. Burundians do you real accept that it’s true?
    When some of these dissidents commanders have been shot, where were they? In a bar the hotel of albatros. Can any commander from FNL go in a hotel in Bujumbura and hold a meeting?The answer is clear and it’s no. This Banes who said to be the former CNDD-FDD commander was shot and is getting treatment in the miltary hospital in Bujumbura.

    you see how stupid does the government think that Burundians are. We can use our brain to understand the game the government is playing to disturb the FNL.

    Guys Agathon Rwasa is a Burundian as me and you and want to help Burundi. Those who are pretending saying that FNL kills innocent people. I am sure if FNL was there just for killing people it should have been done that for years. They have lived with burundians from the start untill now. Try to make a comparison between all the armed group and see which one has killed many innocent people, I am sure that it’s not FNL. FNL has always fought for those poor innocent civilians…..

    At last I can’t deny that FNL has committed some atrocities and that’s not good. That’s what happen when two grpoups are fighting. As we see today, the war isn’t the better solution for our problems. FNL has done enough and we are grateful for that. The last thing we can ask from the FNL is to join the government and contibute with the it’s idea and build up our loved teared country.

    Have good day.

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