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South Asia: Blog Quake Day

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Blog Quake Day
It's Blog Quake Day!

Over the last year blogs have become instrumental in gathering support for causes and highlighting issues that have been forgotten by the Main Stream Media. Sepia Mutiny made a crucial statement – that there was no excuse to not give [1], when those with so little were giving so much.

So, while Kofi Annan slams countries for only committing to about a tenth of what quake victims need, victims of the tsunami—who are still suffering from their own tragedy which stole 200,000 lives all over Asia— have donated to local quake relief efforts. Maybe the world is suffering from “disaster fatigue”.

Responding to this call – DesiPundit announced Blog Quake Day [2] on 26 Oct 2005. Calling to all bloggers worldwide to exericse their power

We request each of you to make a small post about the earthquake, and direct your readers to a suitable avenue for donating to the relief efforts… Every single dollar contributed, multiplied by the vast numbers of bloggers, will go a long way in helping these people rebuild their lives.

Blogs the globe over have responded to this call. Instapundit echoed the thought [3]. Chapati Mystery has T-shirts whose sales proceeds will go for Earthquake relief [4]. An appeal to podcasters [5]. Other posts on Blog Quake Day – Sepia Mutiny [6], De Growchy Owl [7], Truth and Beauty [8], Veiled4Allah [9], Travel tales from India [10].