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Pakistan: Shelter for earthquake victims

Categories: South Asia, Pakistan, Breaking News, Citizen Media

Entitled “Tents for Quake,” an initiative is being carried on round-the-clock for the last two weeks to raise funds and channel them in the shortest amount of time to purchase and distribute tents in Pakistan through effective distribution networks. The tents are for small villages that have not been helped by any relief agency, due to the sheer magnitude of the disaster and difficult terrain, and where people are sleeping at sub-zero temperatures at night under the open sky without any shelter.

This initiative is being carried out by a small group of friends across Pakistan, the United States and the United Kingdom. Comprising of young professionals and graduate students, the group has been informally documenting its progress at the TentDrive blog [1]

The group is focused on -
1) Soliciting and channeling donations, especially cash donations from the U.S. toPakistan
2) Researching appropriate avenues of obtaining high-quality goods, specifically tents
3) Finding and implementing effective distribution networks and engaging in follow-up

The group has implemented a three-pronged strategy of fundraising and reaching the affected while purchasing a combination of different types of tents available in Pakistan. More about their strategy here [1].