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Iraq: Stolen Smile

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ChildrenVoiceIraq calls: “Lets get back the stolen happiness to the Iraqi kids , Lets return nice smiles to their small lips. [1] These wars and violence took every thing from them and left them to the streets , looking on trash , homeless , fatherless . I know we can't get back every thing perefect to them because some of them lost their families but we can compensate big part in their life , seeing them at schools means one step for their happiness … I don't know it is funny or painful or shame to see some Iraqis on the streets with Saddams's pics supporting him , those Iraqis took part with Saddam's crime against Iraqi people when Saddam was on the rule…. yes I am witness for this. Now adding for this Arab countries are sending thousands of fighters to kill our loyal people and kill kids on the streets .”