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Palestine: I am Jewish!

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Firas envy Beckham [1], not for his fit body, fame or good looks, and absolutely not for his wife Victoria, it is just that Beckham could at any point head to Israel for FREE [2], where he will be greeted at the airport with wide opened arms, and a “Welcome Home” greeting. He could then apply for an Israeli citizenship, where he would be issued a passport, given an envelope full of cash, and keys to a new subsidized home. On the other hand, Israel can not let Palestinians back to their homes, because there is no enough space and natural resources , the place will be really overcrowded, that is what they claim [3]. Firas says that today many of the peace activists and those protesting against the IDF are of Jewish backgrounds or Israeli nationals. Many of them arrived to Palestine through the right of birth program to discover the hard truth.