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South Asian blog roundup

Categories: South Asia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Citizen Media


- Rifat of ‘Close your eyes and try to see’ discusses premarital sex [1] in the context of Bangladesh.

- Shappir of ‘Bring your own Shisha’ recollects the story of Joseph/Yusuf/Yosef, [2] the prophet of three religions to uphold the virtue of forgiveness.

- Razib of ‘Me, myself and Bangladesh’ links [3] to a report that Designers from Bangladesh are using khadi for designing bridal sarees and suits. What more they are fast becoming popular in India.

- Sadiq tells about the golden rules [4] of various religions in his blog “Inspirations and Creative Thoughts”.

- Salam of ‘Salam Dhaka’ comments [5] that the current Bangladeshi government is not doing good for poor people.


- Selva of ‘The Scientific Indian’ tells [6] how an American outsourced his life to India.

- Madman blogs [7] his lunch in an Italian restaurant. Yummy!

- Rajesh Jain of ‘Emergic’ quotes two gems [8] on ‘Digital divide’ and ‘Computers and Education’.

- Shaksi of ‘To each its own’ thinks [9] of the Parsi community in India as a role model for the rest of the Indians.


- Ahmed has had it with the elderly people [10].


- International Nepal Solidarity Network reports [11] that the identity and movement of all Indian and Nepalese nationals crossing the Indo-Nepal border will be recorded from November 1 by border security forces of both the countries.

- Dinesh of ‘United We Blog’ remarks [12] that the Nepali political parties want democracy, but the King talks election. This draws an interesting debate.

- Laetitia-Marie of ‘Karma Sonam Gurung’ reports [13] that the national human rights commission in Nepal accused both Maoists and security forces of failing to protect child rights as per national and international laws in a recent report.

- Binita Shrestha blogs from New York and brings [14] to us all about court reporting.


-Mudassir of ‘Pakistani perspective’ links [15] to some online credit card donations for Pakistan's earthquake relief.

- ‘The Glasshouse’ posts some heartbreaking facts [16] about the recent Quake. He also takes a critical look [17] at Pakistani leadership dealing with the disaster.

- Shirazi of ‘Light Within’ links [18] to some Pakistani bloggers response to the quake. Maria posts roundups of media responses [19] to the quake.

-Metroblogging Lahore has lots of info and links [20] of the quake.

- Pakistani Bloggers like Sepoy [21] of ‘Chapati Mystery’ are taking personal initiatives to raise money for the victims.

Sri Lanka:

- Marisa Wikramanayake discusses [22] the question of whether there is such a thing as a just war?

- Via ‘Lanka Citizen’ the voice of the ordinary public warns [23]the politicians for accountability.

- Shandy, a British expatriate writes [24] about his travel in many beautiful destinations in Sri Lanka, with lots of pictures.

- Kate Baumgartner posts some beautiful pictures [25] from Sri Lanka.