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The Saudi Blogosphere: Post-blockage Hyperactivity

Categories: Middle East & North Africa, Saudi Arabia

Happy Ramadhan, everyone. Welcome to this week's Saudi blogosphere roundup. The big news in the Saudi blogosphere this week was the blockage of Blogger.com.

When she saw Blogger blocked, Noura started filling the unblocking form right away, however, she thought that ISU won't unblock it [1] (Arabic). “I tried them several time before, and I know their strategy. Whenever they find a website that attracts the Saudi society's attention, they block it,” she wrote. Mashi Sah called what happened [2] (Arabic) a “scandal,” and Riyadhawi called KACST [3]the city of darkness [4].” (Arabic)

Dotsson, a new comer to the Saudi blogosphere, has taken a tour to highlight the reaction [5] of several bloggers to the blockage, using his special sarcastic style.

Roba posts about the violence against women [6]. “There is a war against women and children in the world!” she said. One of the examples she mentions is the case of Rania Al-Baz [7]. And while June says she is taking Rania's side [8], even she does not know why, Nour is taking the other side [9], and thinks that Rania is “making the most of her five minutes of fame.”

Abduh discusses the benefits of electronic books [10] (Arabic) in education. Farooha posts some pictures from downtown Riyadh [11]. “It was the raw and crude Riyadh; Riyadh as it is,” she said. Deema tells us about her first meeting with her cousin's wife [12], who was, for her surprise, Japanese. Nzingha has a long good post about compound living in Saudi Arabia [13]. She also takes the time to teach us some food receipts [14] for Ramadhan. Bored by all the above? You can try some of Mochness techniques to fight boredom [15].