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Living under occupation Palestinian bloggers might be small in number but definitely big in mission and purpose. If you were Palestinian, fortunate enough to have Internet access and run a blog chances are every other entry is about the Palestinian-Israeli daily conflict.

Palestine Blogs will never forget innocent 12-year-old child Mohammed Al-Dura who was killed heartlessly by the Israeli militants. Falastine talks about how Israel continues to twist facts and invest international lies as usual. Fawaz Turki also remembers the heart-rending intensity of the broadcasted incident and says that according to the latest figures put out by the United Nations Childrens’ agency, UNICEF, 542 Palestinian children have been killed over the last five years.

On a happier occasion, Laila – a Palestinian blogger from Gaza- and her son, Yousuf have finally met with husband and father after a long tiring journey to the US. Laila says her flight was like staying at a 5-star hotel compared to Rafah Crossing. Laila has yet to recover from the difficulties she encountered, she adds: “Every now and then I hear a helicopter, innocuously monitoring traffic, and I duck for cover. I am still jittery and on edge”

umkahlil-Palestinian blogger who resides in Germany- talks about the non-violent regular Friday demonstration in Bilin which was not reported by the western press and during which seventeen Israeli activists were detained. Slingshots VS teargas canisters, who's the winner?

In Bqaa Refugee Camp a school playground was sliced in 2 by the Israeli apartheid wall. Rafah Pundits said the new city to be built between Rafah and Khan Yunis will include some 3,000 housing units potentially making up much of the housing stock lost over the past four years and will be funded by the UAE.
Israeli Watch talks about PFLP Leadership Moving From Syria to Gaza and how Israelies are running scared!



    In the recent home game HAMAS beat Israel 1-0 despite the away team bringing supporters from Arabia Europe and America it was a long fought battle with Hamas clinching the game in the last seconds the Israeli supporters then launched a concerted attack in which over 5,000 and 1,300 Hamas supporters were killed or injured an investigations into the incident is ongoing. The away match will be played with the whole world looking on Hamas have archived overwhelming support world wide for there gutsy performance Hamas little known outside there region have proven to be a real force.

    From the kick off Israel through every thing at Hamas but could not get the desired result. Israel through out the game appealed to the ref when Israeli players went down in the box the ref was having non of it, during the last quarter Israel made a substitution and brought on there American Star player but he proved to be ineffective and is to retire after the match. Hamas has gained worldwide support for there performance. Hamas supporters were a deciding factor through out and never gave up this gave Hamas the ability to keep going to the end.

  • cont/
    The Israeli manager is trying hard to convince his supporters that Hamas were not playing by the rules and is still convinced he can win the return match, which will be played out centre stage. Their now seems little hope his team can win a new manager is due to take over so a change of strategy and a change of players might achieve a Draw, but he insists only a win will do. Hamas might have some thing to say about that they will be fielding the same team and if the previous performance is anything to go by they are assured of a win

  • I wish to explain my reasons for writing the Hamas Israeli conflict as a game of football commentary I mean no disrespect to the people of Palestine or to mitigate the wrong done by the Israeli’s to the people of Palestine. I was watching a group of children in a Palestinian refuge camp which was hart braking and a commentator explained that there is know were for the children to play football (this should be the right of every child to be able to play on there own land on a green field not on the streets of refuge camps) and that the children were exposed to conflict and aggression of Israeli solders. I have tried to engage my friends in the problems facing the people of Palestine but unfortunately they are not responsive to the current situation through lack of understanding lack of the truth and the suppression of the conflict through the media. The book Animal farm was George Orwell’s way of reaching the general publics awareness of the state of the Stalinists regime in Russia as a way for people to become politically aware I must state that I am no George Orwell but Wanted to get people involved politically and the football commentary is my feeble way of expressing the conflict in a light hearted way

  • Colin

    Sorry to break the truth to you, but the Al-Dura video was proven a hoax in a French court back in May. Other independent investigations proved undeniably that Israel couldn’t have shot the innocent child. I hope you learn to double-check your facts in the future (and when you do, you’ll see how often the anti-Israel have to resort to such dishonest tactics).

  • colin’s point is well taken. i was involved in the french court case, and the evidence of manipulation on the part of palestinian cameramen, in particular the one who shot the footage of al durah, appalled the judges (who were not, a priori, favorable to the side they eventually came down on).

    this gives a particularly sharp irony to the next sentence: Falastine talks about how Israel continues to twist facts and invest international lies as usual.. if palestinians were more honest with themselves and with others, they would go far towards realizing a decent life for themselves. instead they spend most of their energy blaming israel.

    and the global community, which dares not criticize them, does them no favors. since the beginning, they have been treated more cruelly by their own brethren — including their own leadership — than by the israelis. indeed, before the first intifada in the late 1980s, the west bank had one of the fastest growing economies in the world according the world bank statistics. too bad they believe the hateful images that their own leaders feed them.

  • The victims became the aggressors

    I whish to draw a parallel with the statement made by the Israeli security minister
    and the elected government of Israel
    With the 90% support from the people of Israel for the assault on Gaza

    His offensive comments Re the elected representatives of the Palestinian peoples HAMAS that they are the cause of the assault on the Palestinian people that Hamas are using the Palestinian women and children as human shields against the Israeli military assault on Gaza and its peoples.
    The parallels are those in the Warsaw ghetto with the Nazis proper-gander of 100% support from the people of Germany.
    When brave Israeli people caged in by the Nazi regime fought Back were young Jewish children bravely tunnelled under the Ghetto to bring in food and Arms remembering the war documentary The world at War, seeing the Nazi solders turning out the pockets of very young Jewish children who had smuggled in food, the look written on to there faces which told of there impending fate, that same look reflected on the Palestinian women and children today in Gaza. Israel should remember there past. I found the fate of the Jewish peoples at that time to be a crime against humanity and hart breaking the same crimes happening today in Gaza, this time by the sons and Daughters of the Victims of Warsaw to the peoples of Palestine. The only response the Jewish peoples had to their predicament was to fight back with what little resources they had exactly what is happening today in Gaza. Can you deny the Palestinian peoples their natural civil and human rights? You have had the Palestinian people caged in since 1967 and the conflict since 1948. Israel open your eyes open your minds open your ears open your hart’s open your borders the world stood by in 1939 no one listened are you listening

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