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The Turkish Blogs- A Drop in the Ocean

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Turkey [1] and the Turkish blogs have been a seldom explored venue on Global Voices. I must say that for a while I was under the impression that there were no Turkish blogs at all out there in the wild world wide web….I was wrong…so very very wrong. In fact on a site entitled Blog Kardesligi [2] (Turkish), literally meaning “the fraternity of blogs” over 700 Turkish blogs are currently listed; obviously the listing is not a comprehensive listing of all Turkish blogs out there, but the number that it has listed is representative of a huge population of bloggers just waiting to be heard. The majority of the listed blogs on Blog Kardesligi are written in Turkish, but there is a growing number of English language blogs as well. The goal for this new weekly is give you a glimpse of these Turkish language blogs.

Here is glimpse of the Turkish Blogosphere…however it is only a drop in the ocean….

The two top issues that have been appearing in the Turkish blogs have been the recent EU Membership Talks and the beginning of Ramadan. Turkey has been attempting to enter into the EU [3] for over a decade and has many changes in its law codes in order to begin the negotiation talks with the European Union. On October 4th, it was announced that Turkey will enter into official negotiations with the EU. [4] To many this annoucement is long overdue, however it is predicted that it will take at least 10 years before membership could be achieved for Turkey. Murt Ulas from Metroblogging:Istanbul predicts that EU membership would have very little impact [5] on large cities such as Istanbul. As in the rest of the Muslim world, the beginning of Ramadan is a happy event. Idil from Ignore Me If You Can sends Ramadan greetings [6] to all. Metroblogging:Istanbul also announced community Iftar meals being given in the Uskadar District [7]of Istanbul.

If you are interesting in more culinary matters there is an excellent blog called Yogurt Land [8] which posts recipes in both English and Turkish, the accompanying pictures are simply mouthwatering!