7 October 2005

Stories from 7 October 2005

Mexico: Wireless in Xalapa

  7 October 2005

Jorge Mauricio Hernández Torres describes a project he is working on [ES] in Xalapa, Vera Cruz to provide free wi-fi in all major public places.

Palestine: Human Rights Teaching

Dr. Marcy Newman spent a week pouring over the six UNRWA storybooks that have been translated into English that teach Palestinian refugee children about human rights. She says that one of the stories teaches children about racism and discrimination without privileging the suffering of one group over another. However, she...

Israel: Kabbalah Peace

Josia of Kabbalah For Women says that Norwegians made a mistake by not giving the peace prize to the only person on earth who can really bring us peace, and that is Kabbalist and Scientist Michael Laitman.

Iraq: Walk the Talk

Aunt Najma writes; “Try and put yourself in their shoes”.. I've been told to do so with American soldiers, over and over, and I did. It didn't give me a justification for what they did, do or have done.

Iran: University Discrimination

Farid Pouya says that few religious minorities’ deputies in Iranian Parliament asked Ahmadinejad and his Minister of Science explanation about discrimination against students who belong to another religion than Islam.

Egypt: Nobel Peace Prize

Karim like to emphasis that Mohamed ElBaradei is the fourth Egyptian to get Nobel prize. In fact, Mohamed ElBaradei (2005) joins Anwar Sadat (1978) as the second Egyptian Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and the fourth Egyptian prize recipient after Naguib Mahfouz (Literature 1988) and Ahmed H. Zewail (Chemistry 1999).

China: Property riots

  7 October 2005

Shenzhen Ren reports, albeit second-hand, about a group of prospective property buyers in the southern Chinese boomtown who rioted when the developers tried to pull a fast one.

ASEAN: One free port

  7 October 2005

The Aseanist analyzes the arguments for and against trade barriers in building a common market, citing historical precedent, especially in the formation of the United States.

Japan: Mutual animosity

  7 October 2005

Remember all those anti-Japan protests in China? asks Japundit, and cites a recent opinion poll by the Mainichi Shimbun which suggests the feeling is mutual.

Indonesia: Army comment reaction

  7 October 2005

Jakartass analyzes reactions to a recent suggestion by military chief Gen. Endriartono Sutarto that it might be good to restore the military's internal territorial command structure, in response to the threat of terrorism.