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Saudi Arabia Blocks Blogger and Flickr, Again

Categories: Middle East & North Africa, Saudi Arabia, Breaking News

Two days ago, the Internet Services Unit [1] (ISU) at King Abdul-Aziz City for Science and Technology [2] (KACST), the governing body of the internet in Saudi Arabia, have blocked Blogger [3], denying users inside the country accessing their blogs. They have also blocked photos from the popular photo hosting service Flickr [4]. Users still can log on to the site, but photos are no longer visible.

During the past two years, ISU have blocked the domain BlogSpot.com, where blogs that use Blogger are hosted for free, several times, but then unblocked it. The same thing happened with Flickr, too.

Please help to unblock these websites for users in Saudi Arabia by filling this form [5], or by sending an email to this address: unblock@isu.net.sa.

UPDATE: Blogger.com was unblocked on Wednesday, but photos from Flickr are still blocked.