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Katrina Help Lines from the KatrinaHelp.info team

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Several founders and members of the SEA EAT (South East Asian Earthquake And Tsunami) blog [1]& wiki [2], which gained worldwide attention in the Tsunami of Dec 2004, have remobilized volunteers to do their bit for victims of Hurricane Katrina. The KatrinaHelp Wiki [3] Network was initially conceived in many different people's minds at approximately the same time worldwide. It represents a clear and direct effort at helping coordination, communication, and cooperation for rescue, recovery, and relief efforts.

This is the button for people needing help to call in to the KatrinaHelp.info [4] team from a Skype account. Please spread the word so people needing help can call in. They have volunteers and associates from shelters, ER and other Emergency services on the ground with resources to help.
A picture named katrinahelpskypemebutton.JPG [5]
Details on how to use the helplines are here [6]. Or call them at +15042081564 with your request for help, and offers to help. (Please ensure you add the +1 to the number, even if you are in the USA. This is because the number is routed via Skype). If the line is busy, you wil be forwarded to voicemail. Please clearly state your name and contact details so they can get back to you.