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South Asian blog roundup

Categories: North America, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Qatar, Sri Lanka, U.S.A., Citizen Media

The main buzz of many South Asian blogs were about the Hurricane Katrina that caused extensive and severe damage in much of the southeastern United States.


- British journalist Daniel Brett writes two interesting articles in his blog on Bangladesh. One is “what America can learn from Bangladesh [1]” to tackle disasters like Katrina & “The Bangladeshi gas rush [2]” where he suggests that Bangladesh should not rush to export gas to make up for losses sustained due to the abolition of textile quotas.

- Mezba, a Canadian Bangladeshi describes [3] his thoughts on the Hurricane Katrina and the US government's failure.

- ‘Unheard voices’ thinks [4] that the new generation Bangladeshis have a broader horizon, but a smaller view.

- Nashat of ‘the color of rain’ has some observations [5] at Qatar Airport.


- Sid from Patang.org [6] has a great new social software in place [7]. It is a car pool [8] for the people of Mumbai.

- Manish at Sepia Mutiny is delighted [9] over Indian tennis prodigy Sania Mirza's advancement in the US open. She has made India proud and apart from the play she is slowly transforming into an icon with her beauty & body piercing style and being lured by many advertising contracts. Go Sania go!

- Dina Mehta, one of the members of Tsunamihelp blog [10] & wiki team has lots of links & news [11] about Hurricane Katrina and how you can help. Uma has lots of links [12]on Katrina too.

- Sunil Laxman of The Balancing Life hosts this week's Indian Blog Mela [13].

- The Greatbong writes [14] about the luckiest dude in the world -The king of Swaziland.


- Suvecha, a former Kathmandu-based journalist who is currently studying in Australia tells [15] about one of her crushes in a cafe in New Baneshwor, Kathmandu sometime in 2004.


- Mudassir of the ‘Pakistani perspective’ informs [16] that a Hindu, Justice Rana Bhagwandas, has been appointed as the acting chief justice of the Supreme Court.

- ‘The Glasshouse’ posts series of reports [17] on the rape of Sonia Naz, a 23-year-old mother of two, on the order of Pakistan's police.

Sri Lanka:

- ‘Indi.ca’ thinks [18] that the American disaster response to the Hurricane Katrina is not better than the Sri Lankan.

- Nittewa is trying to understand [19] the Lonely Planet Guide to LTTE Terrorism.

- BOYCY reports [20] that there is an increase of women drivers on the streets of Sri Lanka.