Book Review Podcast: The World is Flat

Thomas Friedman is a Pulitzer Prize winner, who writes extensively for The New York Times.

Friedman's latest book, “The World is Flat: A brief history of the 21st century,” deals with that top of the mind subject: Globalization. He talks of how globalization is flattening the world, and how quickly this globalization is spreading across the world. He identifies 10 flatteners or factors that led to the flattening of the world, and one of them is that much debated about term: outsourcing.

The book paints a nice, big picture on how the world is changing in fundamental ways, and how and why governments and people need to adapt to these dynamic changes.

Corante has a post on what Freidman has to say about networks and blogging. More concerns at Guiding Rights Blog on what the US should be worried about. Napablogger has an interesting take on what Freidman has to say by disagreeing with what Alam has to say.

You can listen to the podcast here.


  • You know, I never understand the ‘flattening’ thing. Certainly, distances have become less – but if you flatten a sphere, distances don’t increase or decrease until the sphere itself is flat – and then the distances can actually increase.

    Maybe I’m too mathematically inclined, but I worry that stuff like this will confuse the hell out of someone with enough math problems.

  • This book sucks!

    This might be the gayest book that I have ever tried to read. I had to read it for my economics and give a 12 page report on it. After reading the first 10 pages I was flabbergasted at how stupid and ignorant this book and author is, along with my teacher. I couldn’t even tell you what the first 10 pages were about. That being said Thomas Friedman and Mike Tew should marry each other. Oh and by the way, the world is NOT flat!

  • Ryan Welbourn

    The person who wrote the last post sounds like an ignorant fool. The “World is Flat is a Metaphor”, and while you criticize him you will be left behind in the new world. Although i don’t agree with all he says, i do believe he is on to something. The way business is handled is truly changing everyday. I would be interested to see what grade on that paper. Maybe you should read more than ten pages before you make a decision on a 450+ page book.

  • Head in Sand Attitude

    I hope the instructor did not give the complainer a decent grade because he or she is not far enough along in life to understand the reality of a flat world. The book has some great points and some that I don’t agree with, however, the concept is a thinking concept not a “head-in-the-sand” concept. Apparently the complainers do not realize that most of the soft goods on their body are manufactured in places like China and when they call for service on their computer they are probably speaking to a person in places like India. Like one of the writers said that the phrase is a metaphor. It truly is and anyone who only reads 2% of a book and makes a decision on its contents validity is like a person opens the door of an automobile and because it squeaks, the entire auto is of no value. If the person who said they had to write a 12 page report would read the entire book, he or she would be hard pressed to only have 12 pages. The book is excellent and everyone is encouraged to read the ENTIRE book. Thanks to the many instuctors who are challenging their students to expand their knowledge base even those students who are trying to limit their brain use.

  • Allison

    Thank you to the people who replied to “This book Sucks” My question is, where is that person now? Has he/she read the responses the the posted blog? If you read 10 pages to a book and can’t recall what it is about, maybe you are the ignorant one. I started the book yesterday because of an instructor who displayed a passion for it. So far, so good. The title alone is enough to compel anyone with intellectual thought to read past page 10. I can’t wait to read on!.. What was the grade on that paper by the way?

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