Venezuela: Pat Robertson and Chavez

Satisfying his fans, Daniel touches on Rev. Pat Robertson's proposal that somebody assasinate Hugo Chavez.


  • Stan

    In a way, it was good that Robertson spoke out for the assassination of Chavez. It exposes the hypocrisy of the Evangelical Churches in America, who from one corner of their mouth talk about loving their neighbor as their selves and God … But, from the other they support the assassination of a South American leader and the continued war in the Middle East. What a beautiful religion – all you have to do is be “saved,” accept Jesus into your heart. The world is destined to universal love, peace and mutual understanding with the evangelicals as leaders in the US, the most powerful warring nation of all time.

  • Read this article from

    Pat Robertson is Not a Christian

    Here is an excerpt:
    Pat Robertson and individuals of his ilk are not practicing or preaching Christ but have become adherents of a political movement in this nation that attempts to use Christianity towards their own narrow political ends.

  • TAKE ACTION! Urge ABC Family to stop showing Pat Robertson’s 700 Club:

    ” Robertson is preaching twisted morality, bankrupt foreign policy, and bad theology. As Jim Wallis, editor of Sojourners Magazine reminds us, the remedy to bad theology isn’t no theology, it’s good theology. That’s why ICPJ is here, first to help people of faith understand how their religions call for peace and community, not war and assassination. Then, from that understanding, to help us speak and act for justice and peace in our congregations, in our communities, and in Congress and the White House.

    Please read and respond to the action alert below [above], and let’s respond to Robertson’s abusive religion (and abuse of religion) with an Interfaith voice for peace.”

    The Action Alert is from the Interfaith Council for Peace and Justice (ICPJ), based in Ann Arbor-Ypsilanti, Michigan.

    I urge you to respond as ICPJ Alert suggests. I thank for it, as a Venezuelan, who is highly critical of Chávez’ government, and deeply democratic, as most Venezuelans are. Help us to stop any attempt to back a U.S. intervention in Venezuelan political affairs.

  • Jake Prins

    Council for Peace and Justice is worth than pat roberson. At least he believes in free speech. I am no friend of Pat but neither of Chavez who denies free speech and freedom of the press and was once in jail for plotting with others to kill someone back in 1992. Why don’t you give us that story?

  • Olafo

    Robertson asks for Chavez assassination and what does Chavez do? Offer cheap heating oil and gas to the poor people of the USA.

    Chavez is similar to a televangelist as he reaches a lot of people, although a lot more effective, carismatic and humanitarian than any other I televangelist I have seen on TV (the ones I have seen don’t give as much as they ask!!)

    Time have come to use common sense instead of blind submission to religious leaders. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE BURNING OIL AMERICA!!!

  • ms. stewart

    I do not know President Chavez but Venezuela is a beautiful country. I don’t know Fidel castro either but Cuba has some breathtaking scenery and is also a beautiful country. I feel that if more people practiced behaving like Jesus Christ instead of like horrid judges sitting ata a stone cold bench waiting to bang a gavel to condemn someone, what a wonderful world this would be but we are all too too quick to be ugly and condemn. what a shame. Most christians today foget the “judge not lest ye be judged”. I’m just happy to be alive and know I can change the channel or mute the tv…..

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