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Iranian bloggers worried about New President's Cabinet

Categories: Middle East & North Africa, Iran, Citizen Media

S'can-Iranic [1]writes that most of President Ahmadinejad's nominees for his cabinet have been members of Islamic Revolutionary Corps [2]or closely worked with it. Revolutionary Guards is considered main faithful force to hardliners. In recent years member of this army have been more and more involved in business and trading.
It is clear sign that country is going to be militarised and Revloutionary army has their word to say on any decision in goverment. Majid Tehranian, a US based Communication Professor, in his interview with WashingtonPrism [3] said this kind of militarization has already happened in country centuries ago. Ancient dynasty Abbasid Khalifa [4] brought at its service Turkish slave soldiers. But after a while these slave soldiers started to control country and become more powerful than Kalifa!!

Dokhtarak [5] from Shiraz [6]reports that in streets there are much more control to check women's makeup or their cloths. In many cases people got arrested and spend a night or two in prison. There are signs that we go back to pre reform period and people will understand that there was (is) a DIFFERENCE between reformers and conservatives!! By the way good news is that Ganji [7], jailed journalist, broke his hunger strike after 70 days. Bad news is he is still in jail and other political prisoners such as Manoucher Mohamdai [8], jailed student leader since 1999, continues his hunger strike after 40 days.