22 August 2005

Stories from 22 August 2005

China: “Purifying” the Chinese Internet

  22 August 2005

The Chinese newspaper Southern Weekend has a detailed article explaining how the Chinese government goes about censoring and controlling internet speech. EastSouthWestNorth has a full translation. (More background at Chinadigitaltimes.)

Venezuela: Ballot Machine Software

  22 August 2005

Aleksander Boyd does some investigative blogging into the vote software company Smartmatic and concludes, it is “worrying indeed that a company with connections to the Hugo Chavez regime has been selected to run elections in a county of Chicago.”

Israel/Palestine: Gaza Disengagement

In her attempt to revisit the issue of house demolitions, to speak again with the thousands of Palestinian who lost their homes in Rafah all in the name of security for the settlers, Lila of A Mother from Gaza Blog discovers that Abo Holi (Israeli checkpoint inside Gaza) is closed,...

Saudi: Robotics Course not for Females

In reference to a course in robotics attended by thirty-nine gifted Saudi students coming from all over the kingdom, Alhamedi of The Religious Policeman Blog asks, Not one of the gifted students is female. The 39 most gifted students are all male? Isn't that strange? When God was handing out...

Tunisia: World Summit Youth Award

Marouen from Tunisia is looking forward to attend the World Summit on the Information Society which will be held in Tunis on the forthcoming November to promote the World Summit Youth Award, which is an international competition for youth-led projects that encourage the active participation of young people in the...

Iraq: Pornography for War

Sabbah writes about the forum which provides free access to its pornographic content to members of the United States Military who are stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan, in exchange for their pictures of war. Pictures from the soldiers themselves rather than the pics the press feeds, as the forum says.