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Breaking News: Katyusha Rocket Attack on Aqaba and Eilat

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Breaking News: Katyusha Rocket Attack on Aqaba and EilatKatyusha rocket [1] explosion has occurred in the Jordanian Red Sea port [2] of Aqaba [3], and authorities said that explosions were heard in a restricted US military zone of the Port of Aqaba in Jordan.

Dubai-based Al-Arabiya TV [4] said a U.S. naval ship was in the vicinity of the blast in Aqaba, a Red Sea port 210 miles south of the Jordanian capital Amman.

Nearly at the same time, Israel official reported [5] an blast on Eilat's [6]. Officials confirm the rocket impact location was dangerously close to a runway in Eilat Airport, 50 meters (yards), also near a number of hotels.

There was no immediate report of damage.

1500 GMT-Update: Group With Al-Qaeda Ties Claims Responsibility for Rocket Attacks Open this result in new window

1100 GMT-Update: Jordanian officials said that the warehouse where the rockets were launched from, was rented by two Iraqis and two Egyptians. On the other hand one Syrian and two Iraqis are now being chased by Jordanian police.

1035 GMT-Update: Aljazeera reporter said that the dead and injured persons are both of Jordanian Army, where one of the rockets hit their training camp in Aqaba.

0910 GMT-Update: Aljazeera reporter said that three rockets where launched from the industrial area inside Aqaba. One of the rockets landed beside Princes Haya hospital in Aqaba, killing one and injuring another, both Jordanian.