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Blog-city Blocked in China?

Categories: East Asia, China, Breaking News

From yesterday afternoon, blog-city [1], a famous BSP is beginning to be blocked in China. Now it was still under filter by GFW [2], the project to detect key words and block websites . By using proxy blog-city is still accessible in mainland China.

Anti, a prominent blogger who was also a veteran journalist for international news, told on his blog [3] hosted on blog-city that after he posted the protest in China Youth Daily [4] his blog began to be inaccessible. Anti has been blogging about the wrongdoings of government for long time. So many Chinese bloggers are not very surprise [5] to see his blog and blog-city blocked. Now he has shifted to his backup blog [6] on MSN Space.

Gordon [7], who is working with blog-city supporting team, hopes that this blockage would be just temporary. He also invites other Blog City bloggers in China to contact him (Via Imagethief [8] and The Peking Duck [9]). He said that the blog-city team is now working to find a solution.

Now Chinese Bloggers are facing a serious problem of where to blog, especially those who want to speak freely. More and more foreign BSPs are being blocked, such as Blogsome, Typepad and Blogspot. Almost all the BSPs in Mainland China have a rigid system of censoring “bad words” which are considered to be politically or pornographically sensitive. If hosted on independent domain server, the blogger need to register their personal information [10]. For bloggers who want to blog freely and securely, they can resort to “Adoptablog” program. [11]

The Firewall is expanding. [12] Who will be the next?