17 August 2005

Stories from 17 August 2005

Blog-city Blocked in China?

  17 August 2005

From yesterday afternoon, blog-city, a famous BSP is beginning to be blocked in China. Now it was still under filter by GFW, the project to detect key words and block websites . By using proxy blog-city is still accessible in mainland China. Anti, a prominent blogger who was also a...

Venezuela: World Youth Fest

  17 August 2005

Chase me ladies, I'm in the cavalry, written by a traveling Brit, has a sarcastic if not offensive couple posts on the World Youth Fest in Caracas with plenty of photos of attendees. For more serious coverage, check out Venezuelan News and Views and The Devil's Excrement.

Spotlight Bolivia

  17 August 2005

Alexey writes, “these days I have been pleasantly surprised at the coverage that some blogs made about the bolivian political situation” and it's certainly hard to disagree with him. With Bolivian special elections scheduled for early December, the English speaking Bolivian blogosphere has been incredibly active and eloquent in presenting...

Russia: “The Flight of the Putin”

  17 August 2005

Scraps of Moscow comments on local media coverage of Russian president Vladimir Putin's flight in a strategic bomber aircraft during military exercises, saying they can no longer tell the difference between a PR exercise and hard news.

Mongolia: An exile writes

  17 August 2005

Thomo's Hole posts an e-mail from a Mongolian woman now living in the United States about her feeling for the land she grew up in, saying she just about describes what it is to be Mongolian.

Sharm Relief

Following the devastating terrorist attacks in the Egyptian tourist hub of Sharm Elshiekh, Pray4Peace.org set up a fundraiser called Sharm Relief at SharmReleif.com.

China: 21mm

  17 August 2005

A picture speaks a thousand words. That's post-Mao China in 21mm.

China: Hopes & Dreams

  17 August 2005

‘China Hopes and Dreams’ continue for the sake of little children twenty years from now. Commenters’ feedback is equally revealing as the bloggers’.

China: Oral English

  17 August 2005

“Handling” at least 4 foreigner-colleagues at one go is a good outing for brushing up oral English. The downside is: You have to listen to them attentively and laugh even if the jokes weren't funny, says a blogger from Qingdao, northeast China.

Syria: First private TV channel

The Syrian News Wire reports that international pressure group forces Syrian government to set up new radio station in Homs. Homs is set to get a new ststion, after an international media workshop took place in the city.