16 August 2005

Stories from 16 August 2005

Lebanon: Bin Laden's book

  16 August 2005

Abu Aardvark believes that publishing bin Laden's writings and speeches strikes is a positive thing and publishing the words of a mass murderer and terrorist is hard to defend normatively. But fighting against radical Islamism requires understanding it.

Egypt: Update on Sinai Terrorist Attack

The Sandmonkey update on Sinai Terrorist Attack and says that the international media is ignoring it for some strange reason. Claims of responsbility for Yesterdays Sinai Terrorist attack have been made by a group called the Mujahedeen of Egypt. It's worth noting that this is one of the three groups...

Iraq: The New Constitution

New Deadline for the Iraqi Constitution, Raed Jarrar says that the Iraqi constitution shouldn’t be rushed through. Iraqis have the right to take as much time as they need to write their country’s constitution.

Ecuador: Against Recruiting of Mercenaries

  16 August 2005

The Ecuadorean government has expressed reservations about the recruitment of mercenary soldiers out of the port city of Manta. Concern rose over this job posting offering ex-Colombian soldiers as private security workers in Iraq.

Darfur: A blogger's background notes

  16 August 2005

Ingrid at Sudan Watch has posted a series of background notes on the troubled Sudanese region of Darfur, including a summary of views of the Arab militia leader Musa Hilal, who is suspected of being behind many of the recent ethnic-cleansing style attacks on African villages.

Blog Maps

  16 August 2005

eGrupos, an online social networking site based in Sunnyvale, California has developed El BlogoMapa Hispano, an online directory of weblogs in Spanish, which shows the bloggers’ locations using the Google Maps API. If you have a weblog written in Spanish and it is not included on the map, you may...

China: Hitch in the Alibaba deal?

  16 August 2005

China Herald comments on an article pointing out that many of the goods for sale on Alibaba, the Chinese internet portal that Yahoo! is heavily investing in, are counterfit.

China: PLA Wanted ads

  16 August 2005

Hong Kong-based blog Simon World looks at the PLA's policy towards marriage and co-habitiation in the ranks.