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Sri Lanka: Blogs react to the assasination

Categories: South Asia, Sri Lanka, Citizen Media

Lakshman Kadirgamar was assasinated [1]by snipers in Colombo. indi.ca posts that it has to be LTTE that killed Kadirgamar [2]. Nidahas makes a similar assertion [3]. LankaBuzz has a story on what the Army Intelligence agencies picked up on radio [4]. Morquendi responds by saying that the LTTE cannot be blamed till it is proven so [5] by the Government, or claimed by LTTE. He has another post which attempts at understanding who would gain what from this assasination [6], and if it was political afterall.

Arvind doesn't think that negotiations with LTTE will work [7]. One one things is bothered by some of the reactions [8] to the assasination. Days Go By laments the loss of a leader [9].