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Palestine: Disengagement

Categories: Middle East & North Africa, Palestine

Rafah Pundits writes that disengagement is official and that there’s so much information, and disinformation [1]. Watch for more links at their del.icio.us [2]. Laila describes this day and says it's like a zoo there, and reminds her of the fall of the Berlin Wall [3]. With thousands of journalists flown in from around the world, spread across every inch of Gaza, every settlement, refugee camp, border crossing, with satellite link-up, Internet, radio, you name it. A new article by Uri Avnery is published at Gush Shalom. He writes, A Miracle of Rare Device [4]: This week, a great event will take place: for the first time, settlements in Palestine are being removed. The Settlement enterprise, which has always moved forward, is for the first time moving backwards. On the other hand, ninathedog reports that Settlers declare independent ‘Gaza state’ [5]. In a ceremony held Sunday evening at the Gaza Strip settlement of Shirat HaYam, several dozen settlers declared the establishment of the “Independent Jewish Authority in the Gaza Region.