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Bhutan: Blaming the Telly

Sepia Mutiny on if it makes sense for Bhutan to not broadcast Indian Television programmes.


  • This is in response to mr. Navin Patnaik, India Armed force.
    I agree with some of the points that you have pointed out like that of Bhutan depending on the Indian Government. It is a government to government level issues where both the countries have mutual benfits in long term and not only the day to day life. Those are of the issues which are clearly understood and is working out fine. No individual like you can create misunderstanding between two countries, which are benefiting from each other. The points you have given are well understood and known long back, which have hardly any thing to do with two governments. Therefore, do not be silly writing down all nonsense to create issues in public.
    Coming to banning TV channnel, every country has the right to do so, depending upon the needs. Even country like United Kigdom and others does the same to keep away from all nonsense getting displayed in the TV.
    India is our big brother and will be so for unforeseen period of time. Both government knows what they want from each other and no stupid individual’s like Navin’s will be taken into consideration.

  • Tashi Penjor

    hey Navin
    i am absolutely happy to know that you have the opprotunity to enter Bhutan for free( Others Pay 350 US$- equavalent to your one month salary, hopefully).
    But at the same time i feel so sorry about you not knowing the realities and using mass exageration of words- and that is dangerous.

    how are you so sure Bhutan treats the southern Bhutanes unfairly and that also on the basis of i think u r a Hindu yourself, thats why u feel drawn towards them. Be reasonable..Soldier.
    Bhutan depended on India or is it the other way round…think fairly and reasonably….Soldier. Just like you i have the opportunity to serve the Indian Army at Batalik, Kargil and some points in the LoC. i believe u r afraid if China thts why u keep cloding in the Bhutan, China never does that. they r not afraid of India. Plus i also know that to fire a round of BOFOR(which u have to do every thirty minutes along many kilometres of border)it costs you 32 lakhs….so if it werent for Bhutan you would already lost some of your portion and incur these expenditure. U must know some bacis Economics why Inida donates to Bhutan, also.

    and also..hahaha..Bhutan joined the UN in the 70’s while our great First King passed away many decades away of u r a nerd….if u r hurt please email me for more doses and explanations…..rigsel_22@hotmail,com

  • Wow. For some reason this place has really picked up the conversation!
    Let me clarify a couple of things – The issue is a generic one of censorship. And the content here is Bhutan which has its own internal rumblings and politics. That said, people have a right to their opinions. The post here neither supports nor opposes the stand. It merely links to another website.

    Also, it’s quite interesting how all the comments have come in a short period of time – Was this linked somewhere?

  • This is for Navin:
    I understand you may have strong opinions, but I am choosing to delete your last comment because it was racist, irrelevant, insulting and offensive. This is a place for honest and civil dialogue, not name calling. For a person who is a diplomat (!?), your tongue borders on the very edge of reason.

  • Thunder Bolt

    Dev Sharma, open your eyes!!! and see the world around you in Nepal. Your own countrymen are killing each other on daily basis. The poor are being manipulated by both your government and the Maoist. Their blood is being sucked out and they have no chance whatsoever to make their lot better. When you Nepalese dont get along with each other, how
    do you suppose that you can get along with other nationalities.

    Make your society equal first and then talk about discrimination in other countries.
    after thought: Nepalese in Bhutan are far……..better than in Nepal.

  • Hey Thunder Bolt,
    What the hell you are talking when your country has most repressive regime with NO freedom of press, religion, expression and the dress and yet you say that you have best in the world?? It seems that you have not seen the world and you are slave of your puppet regime and rubber stamped govet who even does know what is what where is the world? I would suggest that you open up your eyes and tell your autocratice regime to respect human rights and then talk of others, you are in BABE stage including your whole puppet regime and including yourself, GROW UP man!!

  • Thunder Bolt

    Navin Patnaik, Indian ARMED force!!!
    Well Mr. Navin, you say you are a senior Indian diplomat who has served all over the World. But your post shows that you don’t have a making of a diplomat at all!!
    You are right, Bhutan can’t produce even a gram of salt, but i beleive millions of your countrymen can’t even afford to buy a gram of salt. You think that Bhutan is completly dependent on India. There are thousands of Indians working in Bhutan and supporting their families back home. Indian businessmen in border areas depend on Bhutanese consumers.As you say, we buy every commodities from India which helps your economic growth.You really need to learn more.


  • I regret to read the mentality of my fellow friend the bhutanese.I thing it is unwise for those who called themselves scholars of western education donot support govcernment policy blindly.My question to my Nidup, Penjor, tshering, Nar rai and others donot have the minimum respect of right to information by the citizens. In fact lliving in a country where no news is circulated just the orders, i thing it is wise of you all to remain silent than to write devotional sentences.World is free from fair and dependency, where you can sore like a bird if you develop the ability.I agree about the sovereignty that you people boast of but can you ask your our so called people representatives that what is the actual position of country after eviction of people from the nation. Perhaps you may be happy that your big brother India has funded you and silently supported you in the task.Donot you have to return the kindness.May god open your eyes to explore the free world in a screene box that has been lately made public.

  • Sangay Phutnsho:

    Your point (if you were attempting to make any!) was lost in the sea of insults that you directed at me. Your ramble shows no evidence of you having understood either the issue at hand, or the civil way to discuss it. If you notice, the post makes no claims about Bhutan being right or wrong. It just brings to attention a certain event. I can’t understand what possibly is so difficult to comprehend!!

    This time around I chose to approve your comment, because I am going to allow you to make a fool of yourself-just this once. And for others to see how incapable you are of making any sort of rational point. Global Voices respects and encourages diversity, but not at the cost of civil dialogue. Please be careful of what you post here, because next time round your comment is headed for the transhcan.

  • Hello everybody.
    In accordance with Global Voices policy, we are moderating comments. Comments containing obscenity and personal insults are will not be approved. This is the case on all parts of this site, not just discussions related to Bhutan. It is also worth noting that nasty comments are unimpressive, are never a successful way to convince people to change their views, and tend to reflect very badly on the commentator and his/her country of origin. A core value at Global Voices is the respect for the views and perspectives of all human beings, combined with the desire to understand the underlying reasons behind people’s different perspectives. If you would like to voice your views without insulting and condemning your fellow human beings, you are certainly welcome to do so.

    It is clear from this comments thread that some Bhutanese feel strongly that Bhutan is not well understood. There is one great way to help remedy this problem: please start your own blogs on which you explain events in Bhutan to the rest of the world! If you are Bhutanese and have a blog, or if you decide to start blogging in the future, please be sure to let us know, so that we can link to your blog. Please also help us fill out the Bhutan wiki page on our Global Blog index:

    Best regards,

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