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India: Violence in Gurgaon

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Gurgaon [1], close to the capital of India, has of late built up a reputation that is most attractive to multinational companies and outsourcing units. Dotted by huge malls and skyscrapers, it probably is more of a symbol of the New Economy than any other city in India.

Events over the last few days, have lead to incidences of violence in the city. A quick tour in the Indian Blogosphere reveals concerns and opinions of bloggers regarding labour reforms, rights of workers, power of the police force, violence and the state of the Indian Economy.

A good place to start is a post on Shashwati's Blog which links to a timeline, and the general background [2] to the events. contrapuntal instrospects on the stands [3] of the media, government and industry representatives. The Motorcyclists point to some more political reactions [4] to the spate of violence.

Victor Serge has a post which attempts to read between the lines [5], and slaps down the capitalist lines. The incidents highlight the need for immediate labour reforms in India [6] says The Acorn. Media coverage is analysed [7] by MediaWatch India.

Unmitigated Learnings discusses a Media article [8]. Amit Varma introspects 0n India Uncut in two posts titled “Barbarism at the gate [9]” and “More thoughts on Gurgaon” [10]. Anurag feels that the Media may have played a part in instigating the violence [11].