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Podcast from Amman with Ahmad Humeid

Categories: Middle East & North Africa, Jordan

Ahmad Humeid is a Jordanian entrepreneur, newspaper columnist, graphic designer, information architect and, to the best of his knowledge, the first Jordanian podcaster, perhaps the first podcaster in the Middle East. He and I took a few minutes after a conference in Amman – “The Future is Open” – to talk about blogging and podcasting in the Arabic-speaking world, why so many Jordanians blog in English, and how technology may be helping to create dialog throughout the Arab world. (Audio file. mp3, 19 minutes, 8.8mb)

You can learn more about Ahmad by reading his weblog, 360east, or by following his column in the English-language daily, the Jordan Times.

Ahmad will be joining us for the Global Voices blogger gathering tomorrow night, at Wild Jordan in Jabal Amman, at 7pm – if you're a Jordanian blogger interested in learning more about Global Voices, please contact Isam Bayazidi (ibayazidi AT gmail DOT com) and let us know you'll be joining us.)