25 July 2005

Stories from 25 July 2005

Lebanon: Al-Wadi

Abu Aardvark notes that the latest hit show to come out of Lebanon is a Big Brother-style reality show set on a farm featuring immensely popular Lebanese pop star Haifa Wehbi as the star. Haifa is pretty much the hook for the show, as she's the ‘permament guest’ while the...

Indonesia: Learn the language

  25 July 2005

Macam-Macam reports that overseas applicants for work permits will be required to learn Bahasa Indonesia if their job requires them to interact with Indonesians.

Egypt: A Moral Stand

Egyptian Person says that “if you are selective in what you call terrorism depending on where it's taking place or who is getting killed, then you are a part of the problem and you need to fix yourself…”

China: ma-lie-lao-tai mentality

  25 July 2005

Bingfeng Teahouse pushes back on the issue of internet filtering, arguing that concerns about Chinese internet filtering are somewhat overblown and spring from an antiquated mindset.