19 July 2005

Stories from 19 July 2005

Japan: Who is that masked man?

  19 July 2005

Japanpundit brings us the tale of a professional wrestler-turned-politician who is accused of using public funds to travel to a wrestling match. The wrestler/politician–who refuses to take his mask off during legislative sessions–denies the charges.

Azerbaijan: Election Monitor

Here's a great new blog that'll be covering the upcoming elections in Azerbaijan. It apears to be affiliated with a new on-line effort to cover Central Asia called Thinking East. (via oneworld)

Iraq: Corruption, thieves

Sami of An Iraqi's Thoughts laments continued corruption in Iraq: “The collapse of Iraqi society in front of your eyes is sad, sad because the end of the tyrant was meant to bring a new beggininng.”

Iraq: Horrors of War and Terrorism

Husayn Uthman, who writes Democracy in Iraq (Is Here!), compares the London bombings to daily life in Iraq: “I am very sad to see what happened in London, but for me, it is nothing new, those of us in Iraq have become used to tens of people dying on a...