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Comments from the Arabic-language Blogosphere on London Blasts

Categories: Middle East & North Africa, Egypt, Syria, Breaking News, Citizen Media

Searching the Arabic-language blogosphere for commentary on the London bombings, I found several brief comments from some bloggers in Egypt and Syria.

Mohammed from Egypt has decided to translate the words [1] of Michael Henning, an eyewitness from Liverpool St. who talked to the BBC website [2].

Also from Egypt, Lone Wolf, under the title “Nothing New,” wrote [3]: “There is no hope. (…) These people of Jihad and al Qaeda are retarded and barbarians.”

From Syria, Abu Rummana, has written only a few words in a quick comment [4]: “You, thieves! Give me my religion back!”

Commenting on Abu Rummana's post, Rami wrote [5]: “In a few years, those thieves have distorted a civilization and a history that took thousands of years for our ancestors to build. And how much did that cost them? A few kilograms of explosives, and a handful of straying souls.”