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Pacific Rim and East Asia Thursday Blog Roundup

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Bloggers.sg, Singapore's upcoming blog conference, gets a short write-up in the Straits Times [1], reports Mr.Brown.

Japanpundit reports that, for the first time, an iced green tea beverage will probably beat out Coca-Cola for the number two spot [2] in Japan's soft-drink wars. The number one spot is held by a brand of canned coffee.

Hong Kong group blog Chatter Garden [3] responds to a comment left by HK blogger Glutter [4] about their commitment to democracy.

Tibetblogger notes that it will be ‘Tibetean Cultural Week’ in Hong Kong from July 15 to the 22nd. No doubt the events and displays will emphasize Tibet's affinity with Chinese culture.

Embattled Philippine President Gloria Arroyo gave a speech today in which she came out swinging, defiantly refusing to resign and attacking her enemies [5]. Unfortunately for President Arroyo, her public support is plummeting, and some blogs are already talking about ‘extraconstitutional options’.