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Sub-Saharan Africa Daily Blog Roundup

Categories: Sub-Saharan Africa, Ethiopia, Lesotho, South Africa, Zimbabwe

Timbuktu Chronicles passes on some interesting information about a virtual marketplace, enabled by the use of cellphones [1].

Andrew Heavens of Meskel Square interviews two Addis Ababa university students about Live 8. [2]

Africa Vox [3] is a group blog by African journalists who are covering the G8 summit this year. Via Kenya Pundit [4].

The BBC has a good roundup of African blog reaction to Live 8 [5]; faithful readers of Global Voices Online will note that much of the coverage echoes our own Ethan Zuckerman's ongoing coverage of the same event [6].

There's a new Lesotho blog directory on the web [7].

Black Looks laments the fact that W8, a conference about women's rights in Africa, was barely noticed in the mainstream press last week [8].

This is Zimbabwe posts an article about how the forex market works in Zimbabwe [9].