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Monday: Eastern Europe, Russia, NIS & Central Asia

Categories: Eastern & Central Europe, Afghanistan, Armenia, Latvia, Russia, Ukraine

Afghan Lord has been receiving threats, and discovers they're coming from an IP address associated with the BBC [1]. (More on this in a separate post coming soon.)

[2] Onnik Krikorian at Oneworld Multimedia reports on Vardavar, an ancient Armenian festival [2] in which people douse each other with water. Sounds a bit like the Southeast Asian Songkran [3]festival…
(Photo by Onnik Krikorian)

In the wake of a bomb blast in Daghestan that killed at least 10 Russian soldiers, A Step at a Time has translated from Russian [4] a statement by Daghestan guerillas. (via Registan [5])

Digenis.org reports on the Live8 concert in Moscow [6].

All About Latvia.com explains how mountain peaks in the Pamir mountains which were once given pro-Soviet and Communist names are now getting re-climbed by mountaineers who want to rename them [7].

Orange Ukraine announces the creation [8] of a new section of the site devoted to suspicious cabinet deaths.