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Skypecast: Singapore's mr. brown

Categories: East Asia, Singapore

I had a giggle-filled conversation today with Singapore's “enfant terrible,” Lee Kin Mun, aka mr. brown [1].

Topics included: How he instigated [2] the Great Singaporean Conspiracy [3], the upcoming bloggers’ conference [4], “Singlish [5],” (English is one of Singapore's 4 official languages along with Mandarin Chinese, Tamil and Malay, but the locals like to combine these all together plus several other dialects like Hokkien and Cantonese), his often raunchy and irreverent podcasts [6], plans to podcast Star Wars in Singlish [7] with another nefarious character, Mystery Tan Lines [8]. Tomfoolery aside, mr.brown also held forth on questions of censorship and self-censorship, the shutting down [9] of the blog AcidFlask [10], and how blogs are inevitably changing the media landscape of Singapore.

My biggest takeaway? You don't always have to take yourself seriously to be influential!

Listen here!(mp3, 35 minutes, 30MB)