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Kiswahili Blogosphere

Categories: Sub-Saharan Africa, Kenya, Tanzania

I am back. Here are voices from the Kiswahili blogosphere:

- Mawazo na Mawaidha [1] links us to a story about North Korean computer hackers whose abilities equal that of the CIA, a project that will end “computer blindness,” and an article on how to make money from free and open source software projects.

- Mwandani [2]writes about a Nigerian journalist who tracks down African immigrants in Australia, interviews them and blogs theirstories [3].

- Damija [4] writes about women empowerment. She identifies self-esteem and self-knowledge as the main tools for women empowerment.

- Martha [5]advises the Hip Hop generation in Tanzania to think critically about what they imitate from American Hip Hop artists and to also think about how those things relate to the Tanzanian cultural context.

- Jikomboe [6]posts a Kiswahili version of the Global Voices Manifesto [7]. Two new English bloggers [8]from Tanzania are also introduced.

- Pilikapilika [9] is disgusted with King Mswati III of Swaziland who married his tenth wife last month.

- Reginald [10] is waiting to see the implementation of the new law that bans smoking in public places in Tanzania.

- Bakanja [11], an African monk, writes about sex having been reduced to and exploited for pleasure rather than being honored as a sacred practice and act of worship. He bases his argument in traditional African beliefs.