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OJR article about Bahraini Blogs

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Bahrain's bloggers are helping to bring international media attention to their country. Last week there was a long Wall Street Journal article [1]. Now Mark Glaser [2] of the Online Journalism Review has a long article all about the Bahraini blogosphere:

Online forums, bloggers become vital media outlets in Bahrain

The small Persian Gulf nation has been moving toward democratic reform, but a registration drive for Web sites and the arrest of a popular online forum owner have sparked outrage in Bahrain's nascent blogosphere.

By Mark Glaser
Posted: 2005-05-17

It doesn't take much to get Mahmood Al-Yousif's juices flowing, to get him steamed at the latest moves by the Ministry of Information (MoI) in Bahrain. Al-Yousif, 43, is the first prominent blogger in the tiny archipelago in the Persian Gulf and runs a technology company there called Computer Point. After the MoI announced it wanted all Web sites and blogs to register with the government, Al-Yousif didn't hold back.

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