Tuesday World Blog Roundup

Iranian presidential candidate Dr. Mostafa Moeen recently met with bloggers. (Moeen also has his own blog in Persian.)

Adventures of Mr. Behi has a detailed account – in English! – of the meeting. If you click through nothing else on this post today, click through to that.

Omid of the Iranian Prospect also shares his own brief impressions of the meeting.

Yasser of Under Underground also supports Moeen, though he's not optimistic of victory because he says “media in Iran boycotts him.” (Fence photo by Yasser in Iran, a 21-year old student.)

A Free Writer seeks online donations to teach internet skills to high school students.

Free Iraqi on mass graves.

Iraq the Model reports on the post-Saddam revival of cultural forums (scroll down to the bottom if the post doesn't appear near the top of your screen).

Neurotic Iraqi Wife has a crazy dream about Martyrdom.

Rafah Pundits Radio rounds up various links to “various bits of chatter about the delaying of the Disengagement” by Israeli troops from Gaza and parts of the West Bank.

Bethlehem Bloggers has a post mortem (writen Saturday) on last week's local elections.

Israellycool has a post on female members of the Israeli Defense Forces who ride Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Elsewhere in the Middle East..

Beirut Spring comments on upcoming elections in Lebanon.

Desert Girl on Kuwait tells “the truth” about married men in Kuwait. You may be a little scandalized…

Sokwanele describes the mysterious death of a woman's son in Zimbabwe. Nobody can say why he died and he was healthy a few days ago.

African Bullets & Honey posts confessions of a middle-class Kenyan followed by response to strong reader reaction.

Music: one of AB&H's readers points to this Swahili/English rap band.

East Asia:
Japundit exposes Japan's hottest blogging trend: Erogs. That's shorthand for “erotic blogs.”

Tokyo Times has pix of an odd street performance which the police did not appreciate.

Fjordman in Sweden Norway (sorry, Fjordman) reports on a looming Scandinavian reindeer war.

Note: Due to limited time and resources, these roundups are not always as thorough and complete as we'd like them to be. Hopefully we'll get better as more people get involved. Your understanding and help are much appreciated!


  • Thanks for mentioning my blog, but I’m Norwegian, not Swedish :-)

  • Carnival of the Revolutions II

    Welcome to Siberian Light for the second weekly Carnival of the Revolutions, where we aim to give you a sampling of how democracy is marching forwards (and sometimes backwards) in the world today.

  • Erogs big in Japan

    Apparently the latest craze in Japanese online circles is

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