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Friday World Blog Roundup

Categories: East Asia, Middle East & North Africa, South Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, Bahrain, China, Iraq, Israel, Kenya, Nepal, United Arab Emirates


AngryChineseBlogger [1] discusses the continuing issue of seven Christian priests detained last month in northern China. SimonWorld [2] discusses and links to several articles about how Google deals with the Great Firewall. Isaac Mao [3] points to signs that Chinese bloggers are being blocked for not registering after recent rules changes.

Blogdai [4] and United We Blog [5] discuss political parties in Nepal.

Birkenau_2005_1 [6]

Middle East

Photo: “March of the Living” ceremony in Birkenau, courtesy Jewish Current Issues [6].

David at Israellycool [7] points out that neither JPost or Ynetnews have reported that a settlers’ school bus was fired upon by Palestinians.

Israpundit [8] points out JPost post that Israeli Military Industries signed another defense contract with India.

Mahmood's Den [9] agrees with conclusions of International Crisis Group's report on Bahrain out today, stating that if marginalization of the Shiite community is not addressed soon that tensions will radically escalate. From the report [10]: “The overlap of political and social conflict with sectarian tensions makes a combustible mix.”

Omar at Iraq the Model [11] believes that a very high percentage of Sunnis intend to vote in upcoming elections in January of 2006. Omar describes recent fliering at Sunni mosques by the “Department of Sunni Property” and offers up survey results he acquired at several local mosques.

Sabbah's blog [12] is happy that UAE has licensed another telecommunications company, thereby ending Etisalat's monopoly.


The Communications Commission of Kenya is reviewing applications for two ISP's, local courier services, premium rate service providers, and a call center service provider reports Bankelele [13].