Kenyan blogs roundup

Lucy Kibaki, Kenya's First Lady, has been dominating the Kenyan blogosphere and Kenyan online community over the last few days, particularly after the slap that was heard around the world.

A sample of reactions:

- Thinker provides the tongue-in-cheek version of events.

- Martin Kimani of Bullets and Honey thinks Lucy should be thanked for stripping away the illusion that is Kenya.

- Soulsytah is embarrassed.

- I'm more rankled about the conflict of interest question that's raised by the story.

- Given all the talk about pyjamas and bikinis, Ms. K offers the First Lady Swim Suit edition.

- Afromusing thinks the First Lady's actions have set the women's movement back.

- Wassapangaz thinks she's just nuts. Wanjiru concurs.

- The First Lady launches a blog to tell her side of the story.

- Mental Acrobat develops a great typology of the online and offline reactions to the First Lady's actions.

- Finally, Mama Junkyard would like to see the media raise the level of debate. In the process of posing this challenge, MJY (along with all the commenters) has done just that.

To keep up with the exponentially growing Kenyan blogosphere, check out Nchi Yetu Daily, which aggregates feeds from Kenyan blogs.


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  • “Afromusing thinks the First Lady’s actions have set the women’s movement back”
    Well thats really funny1

  • john


  • john

    recently ommilete paid a visit to german,carfew was announced,his so called red carpets zones were no go zones,walker was in senegal few years ago the whole country was kept indoors,these time around he is back watch real carfew,there will be nothing functioning until his departure.terror.

  • john

    its not the first time i´ve time i´ve witnessed the world trying to convince a grown-up circumcissed man to use his GOD given common sense,

    1,he rose to power on power sharing trusts.

    2,the country is dissintergrating rapidly.

    3,he have lost two ballots.

    4,central province is on the venge of being ex-communicated.

    5,he never trusted the old constitution when kenya took care of central province,when kenya joined hand with central province to remove moi,when kenya entrusted him for its future by rallying behind him,when hoped for the best,

    ponder!!!!!!WHATS WRONG WITH KIBAKI WHEN HE REFUSE TO PART WITH WHAT HE PROMISED THE COUNTRY IN 2002 REALLY HE MUST BE CRAZY,KUBAF YA MWISHO;MAVIIYAKUKU.HE IS A GOOD MAN BUT HIS BRAIN DID´NT HAVE CAPABILITY TO HANDLE 33 million tommented kenyans head forget the people you are trying to protect and save the country you have loved since utotoni.

  • john


    place where you can drink and drive as you deem fit,
    root properties from traders as you deem fit,
    block roads and vandalise infrastructure as you deem fit,
    allocate yourself clonies and family public lands as you deemfit,
    accomodate lethal international criminals as you deem fit,said barre,the “armenians”,ochalan among others,

    empty public coffer as you deem fit,
    rig elections as you deem fit ,
    hike you salaries as you deem fit,
    haul tones of hard drugs as you deem fit,
    bribe and take bribes as you deem fit,
    police watch crimes being done without doing anything as they deem fit,
    curtail innocent lives without good reasons as you deem fit,
    ignore as you deem fit,

    manupilate and torment poor pple as you deem fit,
    protect criminals as you deem fit,
    criminals rove around as they deem fit,
    displace poor women and children as you deem fit,
    burn churches down as you deem fit.

    burn you country as you deem fit,
    monies launder as you deemfit,
    cheat as you deem fit,
    blame as you deem fit,
    laugh as you deem fit,
    and off-course shout as you deem fit.

  • ngamia supuu



    waziri wa minyoo.

    waziri wa mdudu na hiv.

    waziri wa ngeta.

    waziri wa njaa na kwashiakoo.

    wazirii wa ukabila na umatako.

    wazili wa wanasiasa waliologwo.

    wazili wa domo.

    wazili wa ufisadi.

    wazili wa kuchoma wanawake na watoto kanisani.

    minister of impunity.

    minister of self individuals.

    waziri wa kuropokwa ovyo ovyo.

    minister of kurrupsion.

    waziri wa unyanyasaji.

    waziri wa majuha wanasia.

    wazili wa umasikini.

    wazili wa mediation.

    waziri wa hawkers.

    waziri wa mathree.

    waziri wa vichwa zilizo jaa makamasi:

    waziri wa umakende.

    waziri wa kuchafua lugha.

  • ngamia kibogoyo

    solution all the westerners should come and live in africa or in katikati ya mashariki and all katikati ya mashariki and all africans should go and live in the west and we see who will survive,one thing i believe if you put fresh westeners in our situation they will all kick buckets within days,barca or die.

  • ngamia kibogoyo

    i hope china sa and zim are well aware that the world is coming to rescue its dissedants.AND ITS BREATHING FIRE FORGET A DRAGON,ITS MIGHTY WOI!!!! FEAR.

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